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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wandering Willy's Home Base Tour

It has been 2 months since my last post.....sooo....I thought before my aging brain forgets how to do this...I better do another blog.Even with a 2 month layoff,I'm still getting hits from all over on a daily basis on my Sitemeter.

Below is a pic of my 2 r.v. lots at Tapadera Estates.This is a gated,self owned,fee simple,strata park with 208 lots located in south west British Columbia Canada.
The park has a mixture of r.v. lots and cottage lots.It is situated on the banks of Harrison Bay,which is just a large field with a small river flowing through during the winter.But in the springtime,the Harrison river across the valley fills the bay,turning it into a summertime lake,which is great for boating and fishing.
Next door is my summer home park model.I have 2 of the more shady lots in the park,which is nice during hot weather but crappy when the wind blows all the cedar crud all over in the fall/winter/spring.
Below is the boat launch area at the bottom of my street.You can see the water is still filling in the bay and will rise right up to this gravel over the next few weeks.

And just to the right of the last pic is our Gazebo with a nice fireplace and barbecue set up for happy hours and communal outdoor dinners

This is our clubhouse below with the indoor swimming pool on the lower left.An outdoor patio deck on the right.

Below is one of the original streets to be populated.Looking up toward the main gate.

One side of the bottom road is designated for cottage lots.Below are two of the houses.

And some more.

This is the main gate area with the gate house which has the strata office/mail boxes and laundry room below and a caretaker residence and library upstairs.

Another street.

This is the other side of the club house below.

We are back on my street which is on the high side of the park.When we first bought into this park back in 1995,there were only 3 others on the whole street,now its full.

This is looking up the street.

And this is looking down toward the bay,below.

Just a shot of the other side of the street.I'm lucky as most of my neighbours are summertime weekenders,so its really nice and quiet most of the time.

Here's my back yard on the travel trailer side.

And a view the other way from my park model patio. I apologize for the quality of some of the pics.They were all taken early this morning and the sun was not in a favorable position for many of them.
So that's it until next time which will be some of my summer travels.