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Friday, August 14, 2009

From Whitehorse To Summit Lake...My First 2 Days Down The Alaska Highway.

Wednesday the 12th of August......I got an early start out of Whitehorse on a sunny crisp day,and this time I had clear Sky's and no smoke as I retraced my route taken a couple of weeks ago..I didn't take any pictures as I had covered this area before,but saw things I didn't see before because of the smoke.
Above is the nights stop at a place called "Campground Services" just east of Watson Lake.Its a service centre with a fairly nice campground in behind.I was the first in for the day,so carefully selected a spot which allowed me access to set up my satellite dishes.I figured that I'd probably be pretty much alone anyway......BOY! Was I wrong..In came the hoard a few hours later,I've never seen such a running around screaming,people cutting through my site,even cutting off my signal as I was watching the news,sheeesh!I watched one motor home owner who couldn't decide where to park,move all over the place,finally crowded in practically against another poor citizen.I'm beginning to be thank full that I stayed off the Alaska highway for most of my trip.I didn't realize how good I had it.
As a side note,they had a strong wifi signal throughout the camping area,so it saved me having to set up one dish anyway.

Thursday August 13....Another early start around 7am,as I backtracked into Watson Lake just to go and see the famous "Sign Posts."I had no idea that there were so many of them.No wonder people cant find signs they put up on previous trips.
I had the road pretty much to myself as I headed south toward the B.C. border,it was very foggy in places,so had to watch out because of the wildlife on the road,"signs".
And just as well because out of the fog came this Wood Bison,just wandering down the side of the road,heading somewhere.Maybe he was "Duty Bison" for the days photo ops.
A little further along,the fog had lifted and as I passed a marshy area,I spotted something white sitting off in the distance.So I stopped and walked back.I could hear this trumpeting sound echoing across the valley......What a nice sound in this lonely place.I had to use full zoom just to get this shot,as they were a long way off.I think they were Trumpeter Swans.

Sorry a little duplication here........

Below is a normal shot of the area and they are in this picture,in the far pond to the right.

Here's where I pulled off and walked back...I wanted to show a bit of the Alaska Highway when its a good piece of road.You can see the fog lifting.

And further along some more Bison,grazing along the road way.They prefer the vegetation along the road and it does cause a hazard for them with traffic.The govt. does try to encourage them away with salt licks etc set back from the road,among other things.

And now my first look at some Stone Sheep,but a bad place to stop and when I did get out for a photo,they started to take off up the hill.

As I approached the Muncho lake Park area,I was getting low on gas,as the last 3 gas station that I had come to that were listed on my map.....were closed.
My fuel warning light had come on a few miles back.Then as I approached the village,I finally see the "Northern Rockies Lodge"and a bit of a line-up at the pumps.
A warning folks,if your travelling this way........$1.59 per liter.....good gawd!I only paid $1.19 away up in Inuvik,in the arctic.....what a rip off......I did my little dance of frustration to the amusement of the other patrons and paid my $ fill my 100 liter tank.
This is Muncho lake,a very pretty area.
And below is the next frustration,a 20 minute wait,while they try to widen the highway along the lake shore.It was a nice location for the wait and it also gave me the opportunity to find out that my right hand trailer light was not working,thanks to a nice fellow from Anchorage Alaska, parked behind me.I met him earlier when we were gassing up and trading comedy routines about the gas price.

Further along after a rest area break,where I worked on fixing my tail light,I started to see many,many,young Elk....They were everywhere on the road for many miles,and you had to be careful because they would run in front of you....Geeze one even stopped to take a pee in front of me.....How many of you can say that you were held up in traffic whilst an Elk takes a pee!

And finally I get to see a moose further along,standing in the watery weeds beside the road.

I must say that I've seen 100 times more wildlife this day,than all the other days put together.So it was a great day.....Just don't mention gas prices.
The mid afternoon found me up in Summit Lake Pass,in a delightful little place called Stone Mountain Provincial Park Campground.It only had a few people maybe because its up high and cooler.Its at an altitude of (1276 meters)(4186ft).This is where I am now as I write this and the campground never did even get to half full.

Here's another view below.Looks a little dark.(even my Picasa 3 program couldn't help this one)actually that's not true,I'm just lazy,too much of the "feeling lucky button" and not the other options.I found this program last winter when I started blogging and have found it to help when organizing the blog.

And a final shot of I think...Stone mountain?.......You be the judge.

Well today,I'll be back on the road in a couple of hours,hoping to make it to the Fort St. John/Dawson Creek B.C. area.


  1. Enjoyed your blog and, as usual, the great pics!

  2. Nice pics WW. Looks like you basically have had yourself a mighty fine trip. I traveled out to Canada's east coast one time by myself in a VW camper van & it remains one of my most memorable journeys. Safe trip home......:))

  3. This is so informative... I love your reviews & photos. It makes me excited about going to Alaska next summer... Keep these great stories coming... I love them!

    Have Fun & Travel Safe