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Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Street's Of Whitehorse YT

Yesterday was "walk the streets" day, as I wanted to explore the little nooks and crannies of the downtown.When I first drove into this bustling little northern city of 25000 souls,I was impressed with the modern clean look and all the activity that you would find in any southern city....I guess I expected a more frontier look. The murals on the walls of several buildings do give the city that northern feel.Along with the signs shown like below.

This city seems to have most of the big box stores,mostly at the edge of town as I saw a large Canadian Tire and Walmart,and downtown a big Staples along with 3 supermarkets.All the major big car dealerships.

The only downer I noticed was the fact that they had parking meters all through the downtown,something that has disappeared in the cities in my neck of the woods.

Today I will go back and look at some of the "touristy things,"but yesterday I just wanted to look around town.I always have had an interest in what a town's core looks like.What kind of main drag does it have etc.This comes from spending my teen years living in a company mining town that didn't have much of anything.I can remember coming out to towns like Lillooet B.C. for a track meet and thinking I was in the big city because it had a main drag.And if I did good,I would get to go to Kamloops a whopping big town of 12,000 at that time with several main streets.....I was in heaven!
So now after spending much of yesterday afternoon and evening trapped in my air conditioned 21ft box,doing an end month financial tally and wondering "what the heck am I doing here"?
This month started out with a local camping trip of a couple of weeks at a favourite lake 3 hours away,and has involved into a trek greater than my winter travels.I've already gone as far in distance from home as I do when I go to Yuma Az.
(This is the R.C.M.P. building.)
So what do I do now as I enter another month?Go further or start back home.This started as a trip to Prince Rupert and an exploration of highway 16,then because I hate backtracking over the same ground,decided to make a round trip of it by going north to Watson lake YT, with the idea of returning via the Alaska Highway to Dawson creek.
(This is the C.B.C North building below.)
A few days ago I had wild idea's of travelling up to Dawson City,then over the horrible "Top of the World"some 179 miles of mud,dust,washboard and heaven knows what else, through Chicken Alaska to Tok,then maybe Fairbanks,and then turn around.But now I'm thinking maybe this is enough........Do I want to go to Alaska?Does this mean that I will have to get rid of half my food to cross the border?And with no place on the other side to replace it?Then have to do it again a few days later as I recross back to Canada.
(This is a little tourist trolley that takes you along the Yukon river in the Whitehorse area.)It stopped in front of me while taking photo's...I should have climbed on.....maybe today.
So the weather here is finally cooling down to livable temps.And today I will do some of the tourist things, without the heat driving me back to my air conditioned trailer by late morning, like yesterday.Stay tuned....I don't know what I'm going to do next as tomorrow will be travel day.......somewhere.........What say you,readers?Decisions--decisions.

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  1. Again, thanks for the tour of another town I've never been to - Whitehorse! It's great to see what the 'true north' really looks like!