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Friday, February 19, 2010

Back Where It All Started

As far as blogging is concerned,for me,this is where it all started less than 14 months ago.With nothing else to do but enjoy the Arizona sunshine,and the fact that I was sitting out here in the desert at this location for 2 weeks with internet at my disposal,why not start at “WHY”ARIZONA.


So there it was,the test run,followed by one nice comment and encouragement from Al and Kelly of the Bayfield Bunch,and I was on my way and its been a fun ride,especially slowly gathering a nice list of readers.Many more readers are not on the list and its been like pulling hen’s teeth to get some family members and friends on the list,so I gave up and excepted the fact that they do read it on occasion.

Don't you just love it when a family member or friend sends an e-mail asking where are you and what are you doing?…………….Jeeeze!….Read my blog…..That's why I write one,so I don't have to write a form e-mail…Of course it hasn’t happened very often…But it has happened and its sort of humorous I guess,especially when they know I have a blog.


So here I sit again for the umpteenth time looking across at my nearest neighbor,and saying to myself,its a beautiful morning and this is just an R and R kind of day,so what to do?

Well!…..Start with what I call my big breakfast,as I’m a regular “cereal in the morning” kind of guy,so today I will have this for a change…


Just ignore the ketchup and the slightly burned (made in oven) toast,and of course my sliced tomatoes must have a slight sprinkling of sugar on them…..Yuk,you say?….No it tastes good,don't knock it until you try it.Tomatoes are a fruit you know,so why not….Always have….always will.

After breakfast I figured I better do a little light maintenance and figure why my fridge is not as cold as it should be,but first I better check all my tire pressures,as one on the trailer looks low,so I got out my handy Canadian Tire compressor and filled the tank and brought all tires on both vehicles up to snuff.

One thing of note while checking tires and the tightness of the new lift kit bolts,was to show what happens when the brake controller is set too high and you make a panic stop as you come to an unseen Mexican Tope.


There are 2 of these flat spots and I remember 2 times when a panic stop just before a tope created a cloud of blue smoke and a screech…Why isn’t the flat spot in the middle you say?…I don't know,but it looks like I’ll be replacing it in Yuma next week….No its not cupping….At least originally.

After filling the tires,I blew out around the burner of the fridge including the flue and removed and blew through the jet.A few hours later even with the heat of the day,I found the fridge to be working better.This is the second time in a year that my little compressor has saved the day for me and my fridge….The last time was in July on the dusty Dempster Highway,high above the arctic circle.

So since I was on a roll,I repaired a poor fitting door on my hot water tank,as the tech in Quartzsite had not bothered to do it properly when I had my tank changed in November.

So…..Satisfied with myself with a few tasks well done,I decide it was time to make a couple of taco’s for lunch then get horizontal for the afternoon and enjoy another peaceful,78 degree,day here at “Why BLM” (Bureau Of Land Management) …Free camping in a beautiful desert….Does life get any better than this?



  1. Breakfast looks pretty good. I never have the energy to fix that kind of breakfast.

    I know what you mean about friends and family not reading your blog. Out of 7 siblings, only one comments regularly on what I write, sometimes a 2nd one reads it now and then. My kids don't read it either.

  2. Yep, know what you mean by family not reading. I think some of them probably think we're just sitting at home in Canada watching television. Enjoy your days at the BLM near Why. The little community center there used to put on meals. East side of the main intersection & south a bit. It was that BLM area that we first talked to a lady camp host about boondocking in late 07. We didn't have a clue what it was all about. My, how things have changed.

  3. I check ur blog everyday papa :P

    ur breakfast looks yummy... I made breakfast for dinner lastnight... turkey bacon and eggs. Get some much needed rest papa and enjoy it u have had a heck of a time with the axle issues and the ants and bees ... travel safe and take ur time.

    miss ya love ya

  4. Hello Willy... Welcome back into the USA!!! I know what you mean about kids & family not commenting or reading our blogs.... I do a lot of work to make a great post about where we are and what we are seeing so they will know... But I never see a comment from them either... But I do have a few regulars who do visit and I get a ton of hits everyday that don't leave a comment either... I always leave a comment at the blogs I visit... Anywho I do hope someone is enjoying all my efforts. Also I am very glad that most of your mechanical problems have been resolved. Travel safe & have fun!!!