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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Couple Of Day’s Rest And Ready To Roll At Dawn.


Above is an overview of Punta San Miguel RV Park taken from the roof of one of the beachside buildings

3 nights and 2 full days mixed with some nice afternoon naps has got me feeling ready to make today’s run for the US border at Sonoyta/Lukeville.One overnight in a Pemex should do it.The last time I made this run 2 years ago,I did it in a day and a half,but I don't need to push it that much this time.

My plan in the last entry, to go shopping for much needed groceries on Sunday morning,turned out to be a bit of a disappointment because for some reason the supermarket in La Cruz,12 miles away was a zoo of people,maybe Sunday morning of Valentines day was something special, but I couldn’t even get into the parking lot.Then I couldn’t get a shopping cart,they were all in use and when I would follow someone out to their car to get their cart,someone would be waiting ahead of me.So I gave up,bought some beautiful fresh strawberries from a vendor in the parking lot,and came back.The next day(yesterday)was back to normal and I got what I needed.


Here’s a shot taken the other way,looking toward the beach.The RV sites are behind me and to the left.

Its been muggy and warm these past couple of days with not much overnight cool down,so my little “Buddy Heater” that I was using in the high country,is getting a rest, and I’m sleeping with all windows wide open,listening to the crashing of the waves.


This is the main gazebo where social events take place,with a bar in the building behind.


This park is under new ownership this year and is really only 2 years old.The new owners have dropped the price to compete with the other 3 parks in this area.So at 150 pesos(less than $15.)plus electric,( 3 pesos per kilowatt hr)its a good deal with full hookups.


The owners have also hired a really nice young Mexican fellow who has lived in the US for several years and seems more American than Mexican when you talk with him.He’s always available and ready to interact and help with anything.His name is Roberto.And also,Manuel the caretaker is a friendly person who tries to speak Spanish slowly to you for better understanding.Get out of the way when he starts singing though.


Its been nice catching up with old friends Barb and Jake and meeting their travelling companions Larry and Yvonne.I hadn’t seen Barb and Jake since Yuma in November when I helped them find and set up with a satellite internet system.

So we all will be leaving this morning.I will head out ahead of the rest of them,cuz I’m a “Ride at Dawn”kind of guy,early start,then time for a nap or two along the way.I wont be setting up internet for a few days as I travel,so the next post will probably be from the 14 day BLM at Why Arizona,my favorite boondocking spot.

Finally a shot of an unusual cloud formation,made pink by the setting sun.Looks like a big old thundercloud getting ready to gather some moisture.



  1. The cloud in your last picture looks like one that showed up in my sky yesterday in late afternoon! You got a better picture than I did, though.

    Good luck on your travels north, and a speedy border crossing.

  2. Tried leaving a comment yesterday but I might have messed it up

  3. Bet you will be glad to see the BLM at Why. If you need to dump or do laundry etc just slip over to Hickiwan Trails behind the Casino on the road to Tucson. Only about a mile east from the main intersection in Why. Tell Ray the Bayfield Bunch sent ya:))