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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Familiarizing With Our New Area…The Coastal Bend.

Just to carry on from the last blog post,I wanted to set the stage,(so to speak) for my upcoming blog entries and follow the daily sequence's since arriving in this area.

First off,a map and scene of the general area,and I know that some readers have been in this area,but for those of you who haven't,we are located at the position of the green balloon.

For anyone interested, the live Google map in my sidebar can be used for a more concise look at the area using a satellite view and zoom,but this gives a general overview of the areas that I describe.



So!…Ivan and I are parked somewhere down there on 50 some odd miles of unspoiled beach that have beautiful sunrises coming out of the sea.

Going back to last Sunday which dawned a little cloudy and cool,we decided to take a drive into Corpus Christi and take our first look around.Again like many times before we both agreed just how easy it seems to be,driving around some of these Texas cities with the expressway systems that all seem to be laid out the same,both here and down in the Rio Grand Valley,using one way frontage roads on each side with U turn lanes going under the overpasses.

003 004

Corpus Christi seems to us to be a very clean and modern city (pop 277000) with miles and miles of beautiful beachfront and parks, which would make this place a real treasure in the summertime.They say that swimming in these waters is good until late December.If you look at the map you can see the city sits on a large protected bay,protected by Padre Island, and from the city you can hardly even see the island.

Below is some beach area where it meets the shipping area.Both of these photo’s were taken from the aircraft carrier Lexington,one from the fan tail and the other from the flight deck,showing this general area of the city’s north end.

032  013

Below is a ship coming out from under the bridge shown above.

019  012

And heading out into the bay.Padre Island can barely be seen in the background.


You will note that these photos were taken on two different days when you see both cloudy and clear skies.The reason for this is that yesterday Ivan and I took the tour of the aircraft carrier Lexington and that gave me some more photo opportunities to view the city from a different angle for this blog entry.

002 005

So on my next blog entry I will cover a wonderful and exhausting 6 hour, self guided tour of the “LEX”and its colourful history of battle in the south pacific during world war 2….Ivan and I were both like a couple of kids in a candy store with a look of wide eyed amazement as we climbed all over and down through the ship…. Next time.


  1. The tour of the Lexington would interest me for sure. I did get to go aboard Canada's Bonaventure one time while it was in Halifax & an American carrier that docked near us one time but can't remember it's name anymore. I was stationed aboard Canada's HMCS Saguenay. (Destoyer) Nice looking beach your on & I've always heard nice things about Corpus Christi.

  2. Touring the Lexington would be interesting.The pictures and area look good.

  3. wow!!!! Love the long beach :)) Enjoy Dad

  4. Will you go see the whooping cranes while you are in the area?

  5. My husband would love the tour of the Lexington... Great photos Willy!!!
    Have fun & Travel Safe