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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Getting Texas-afied

Is that a new word?…Well I made it up anyway,and yes I’ve been there,done that, and bought the tee shirt……And hat…And am still here and loving it.


And yes the beard is still history……For now anyway.

I must say the weather has been way more than I expected here in the lower Rio Grande Valley.I’ve been here for over a month and a half vegetating and soaking up the heat and we haven't really had a bad day.The only rain has been overnight sprinkles and that's only been about twice as the drought conditions continue here.

I’ve kept a daily temperature record and most days are in the 80’s with a few lately still touching the low 90’s…..We have had a few times when the daytime temps dipped into the 50’s as the arctic air pushed down from the north,but would modify quickly in a day or two and shoot right back up as the warm air from the Gulf of Mexico took over again……One example,when they were freezing over in Arizona on New Years eve,our stroke of midnight temperature was 70 degrees,dipping to a cool 65 by dawn……..burrrrrr!Smile…….And on a final note its forecast to go to 79 today……..And yes in all fairness,I have seen frost on my windshield 2 mornings since arriving here….But I love rattling the chains of my friends over in not so Arid-Arctic-Zona.

One of the reasons I picked this area this year was for the warm overnight temperatures and I have not been disappointed…….YA! I’m Texafied all right.

My time will be up here in Mission at the AmeriCana on the 22 of this month and the plan is to head over to the Corpus Christi area for a couple of weeks while I wait for the Arizona weather to warm up before heading back that way…..Winking smile The after Xmas hoard has started to descend in the southland now so I don't know what will be available,but I will wing it.I’ve got new neighbours here for the first time since arriving, as for the first 6 weeks I had no one in the next 4 sites beside me,and now its full.

This past week I had a really nice visit with some blogger friends that I have known for 3 years now and usually see every year.


Al, Suzette and Casey their dog are from Ontario,their blog is on my side bar next to Tioga George.

They spent a week here,so we had several nice visits comparing notes as they are retracing my steps and I theirs over the next few weeks as they head west and me a bit more east and north.

I first met them Christmas day at Celestino Mexico 3 years ago when I was interested in acquiring a satellite internet system.They had the system that includes the Starchoice/Shaw direct TV bird on a wire,and that really caught my interest.The idea of setting up only one dish for both internet and TV really caught my attention.

Al and Suzette were very obliging,even thought I had invaded their space unannounced on Christmas morning,showing me all workings of the system……And I have never looked back,now having the same set up myself and very happy with it.

I finally got off my duff yesterday and went birding down the road at the Bentsen Rio Grande World Birding Centre.My birding friends would be appalled that I could vegetate for 6 weeks only 3 miles down the same quiet road from the park,……..And not visit until now?…….For shame.

I will cover yesterdays visit next time with little talk and more pic’s…..Here’s a couple more taken here in the RV Park.One right out my door.

002 004

A female Cardinal and a Golden Fronted Woodpecker….I’m a little disappointed that the wild Parrots have not shown up yet this winter here in the park, as last year there were over 150 of them here at this time…..Oh well, another 2 weeks to go.


  1. Those warmer temps are almost enough to make us head east to Texas instead of further west....almost:)) Sure would be nice having all that green around & seeing some colorful birds for a change. Our daytime temps are generally fine but it's just these really rotten below freezing nights that I have already had enough of. Think I would still prefer the area where you are as opposed to Florida though. Only part of Texas we ever spent any time is was Big Bend & we loved it there.......

  2. Nice to hear from you, It looks like you made a wise choice to hole up where you are for the winter. The weather here in MO continues to be cold, but we haven't seen snow for a couple of weeks,Hope you are enjoying your stay. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. I've been missing in blogland for a while and was glad to see your post pop up... You look good without the beard so great choice. Sounds like your really enjoying where your at...The photos of the birds are awesome!
    Have fun & Travel Safe

  4. Yes, ditto, really good to hear from you. I keep wondering where in the world it is actually warm in the winter and you answered that question. ( at least where I can get in the rv, not the tropics)

  5. I like the sound of those warm temps. We also know Al and Suzette. We met them at Villas Onac in Teacapan Mexico a few years ago. It's great to meet RV friends along the way.

  6. Ah warmth..please send some this way. I am sick to death of this cold...

  7. So glad to see your post 'n you are well & warm in Texas. Colder than i expected here in Florida Panhandle. Heading to Texas and south on the 22nd. Interested in the tv/internet setup.

  8. I envy your weather, here in San Antonio for 2 weeks and it's often foggy in the am and cloudy later. A few warm afternoons (low 70's) but cold nights for sure! We will head toward AZ at the end of the month.

  9. Willy, Come on up here to the Rockport/Fulton area. It is a lot nicer than Corpus and a good bit cheaper too. Catch me at the email address if you would like details on the area here.