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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pass Creek County Park…Curtin Oregon


We discovered this soggy little gem of a park last year at this time,so being a creature of habit,I even took the same site since I had plenty of choices.$20. a night with full hookups and all the goose crap you can step in,(It has a small lake) I like it, as its just the right driving distance from Rolling Hills and from Tulalip Casino,Marysville Washington.Its close to I-5,like 150 yards,so its convenient. (Exit 163)if any of you are interested.I find that I arrive at 7 Feathers Casino too early coming north and (7F)is a bit far for one day coming south,so this is just right.Going north it takes me through Portland just after the morning rush and Seattle just before the afternoon rush.

Now back to yesterdays drive…..A bit of a mixed bag as I left Rolling Hills at 7AM along with a few of my trucker friends,and within a few minutes on the road was greeted with my first flashing sign.(I-5 CLOSED 10 MILES NORTH OF REDDING)…(TUNE IN TO AM 1060)Well the radio station didn't say anymore except mention other roads with chain restrictions.

I knew we had heavy rains overnight and figured that snow might be a problem in the higher altitudes but figured it would be melting by late morning as the highs were predicted to be in the 40’s up there.

So I pulled into Redding and gassed up,then searched out a supermarket to buy a few goodies,since I had some time to kill.I found a “Rayle’s” Supermarket and a deep dish apple pie on sale that is to die for.Almost matches the Julian Pie from last year.

When I returned to the trailer,the radio was no longer repeating the same thing about the road,now they where saying that trucks must stop and be checked,so I took off hoping for the best because I don't carry chains.When they want you to chain up the trailer too….That's too much,I’d rather wait things out.Going back 100 miles to highway 20 to the coast,was also a bit much at this point.

All went well as I rolled along with the other traffic over the Lake Shasta bridge,then as we climbed I started watching my “on board temperature read out” start to drop from the 45 at Redding,into the 30’s…Soon we started to pick up snow on the side of the road.


Then we encountered plows clearing the heavy slush.Its good to see they don't fool around on these Interstates,as they have to keep the trucking community on the move.

By the time we reached the turn off to the town of Mount Shasta,and about as high as you go in this area,the temperature had reached 32 and the slush was a little slippery.


Then came the freezing rain, snow fall,and fog.


Time for a break….And a stop at the Weed Rest Area.


I always found in past years in this area,that the southern end of this high country stretch of California,was usually the worst…And again I was right because just a few miles north of the rest area on this high plateau,things improved.


It is at a bit of a lower altitude but seems to be a drier climate.The final climb over the Siskiyou Summit,(4300)was bare and wet,so the only way you can go now is down through the fog and rain to Medford.

Finally another stop,this time for lunch,at the rest area just north of Grants Pass.


Now we have 50 degree temperatures,nice Arbutus trees,and Robins running around in the grass.The next 2 hours were a combination of clouds and showers,then as I approached this park for the night,of course it has to start raining hard,and it seems I now have a front window leak….Oh goodie!

Thanks for all the comments yesterday…Just to reply to a few..Croft,yes we used to visit the Olive Pit quite regularly when we used to stay at the RV Park across the road in Corning.Marlene used to love olives but I’m not a fan.

I keep checking the axle and so far so good.Also watching for any unusual tire wear.

Gypsy..Yes I would like to spend some time in Sacramento,it sounds like an interesting city by your description.I wondered about that Oriental looking building.

Rick…I will put the Buffet into my memory banks for next time.Didn’t get past the convenience store this time,you know,a six pack and an apple turnover….No that wasn’t supper.

Al…..What can I say…..always a clown.

Ivan….I replied to your E-mail.

So one more full days travel and through the heart of 2 large cities.I stopped using the bypasses several years ago as they seem too time consuming. I know many of you take this route every year and know it well…..You know..(Been there…done that….bought the Tee shirt)..but for many who have not,I hope you find my little travel blog interesting.


  1. Willy, Good to see you are within a couple days of home,we have been following your adventures for the last couple of months,boy what a trip anf excitement you have had.Hope you don't have to unretire to pay for the trouble you have had. I do have a question for you but wait till you get home and then have time for it, you can then send me the answer in an e-mail, In sveral post you have mentioned being able to see where your hits are coming from, how do you do this? I am still new to this blogging thing and have not been able to figure it out. We use Blogger as you can see Thanks and Be safe out there. Sam & Donna

  2. After getting caught in Portland's I-5 "parking lot" once, we always take the bypass. I don't even think about it any more. It might be nice to actually spend some time and visit the city one day though.

  3. Interesting weather day, Willy, glad to see you made it through safely. I suppose you'll be home tonight - good thing the Olympics are over or you'd probably turn around and come right back!

  4. so dad??? are you snapping pictures while your driving down the highway???? tsk tsk...gotta be right up there with cell phone txting lol :) hope to see you soon, Miss you!
    Love Kim

  5. I just ran across your web page an wanted to let you know about other places off of I-5 that you might like to visit in the summer months, espically if you love to fish!
    Fish Lake off of Hwy 140 going to Klamath Lake Or.
    Galesville Res. which now has camping sites and 2 cabins (A 3rd one in the works)
    other places you can see can be found on my webpage at ok?
    I'm gonna add Pass Creek to my page SOON!! :o)