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Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Last Post……..For Now.

“My final frontier” day on the road…..Star date 2010…..oops that's Star Trek,even though it might seem that I’m spaced out at times.

Yesterday,after finding that fellow blogger Ivan had sneaked up on me.(sure hope there’s no hit man out looking for me)I seem easy to find.I did all my morning duties in preparation for leaving then gave a rap on Ivan's side wall to wake him and a rap came right back immediately and out he came.


We had a nice first visit for just over an hour,discussing many things in a short time.I must say I was impressed with his I-phone and what it can do.He has ordered a satellite internet system like mine also,so he will be well equipped for “in real time” blogging.

The morning sun was melting the frost off the windshield by 9am,so I headed for the nearby Wal-mart for some final goodies,then on the road for the final 2 hours to home.

The day was warming up nicely as I travelled north.Here is a scene taken in Washington State of the local farmland near Sumas and the mountains of BC in the background…..I can smell home.


A quick stop to gas up in Sumas and feed some money into my Bank of America account for next time, since the rate is good right now…..NOW THE BORDER……Shades of last year swept over me….keep your cool Willy and play nice……A short wait of 5 minutes and I had my spiel down pat.I told the young lady in the booth that I had $1400. to declare, of which just under $1000. was emergency repairs and I would like a concession for that like their website states.

She asked the nature of the emergency,so I told of my Mexico experience.While doing this along comes another agent who overheard me and started asking questions about Mexico.It seems in a few days he is off on a bus tour of Mexico for a month,taking him through many of the areas that I travelled.He was so excited having this conversation,he was almost jumping up and down.I figured…Hey! I going to get out of here no problem…..not…..The young lady handed me that famous little yellow slip of paper and said to go inside…..I though…here we go again,the big search of both vehicles.

But to my surprise the fellow inside just glanced at my receipts asked a couple of questions then said…….Goodbye..I was out the door like Speedy Gonzales and headed for home.

12 noon and I pass through the gates of Tapadera Estates with a big sigh of relief that I got my little trailer back home safe and sound and didn't have to abandon her on the side of a Mexican highway,which was a thought that was very clear for awhile back in January.


All tucked in next to my Park Model home.The afternoon temperature rose to 55 degrees and the sun felt really hot in the back yard as I set up my satellite dish.I see the lawn is due for a first cutting and flowers are up.Everything is several weeks ahead this year,with the bushes leafing out and many blossoms.In fact I didn't really see any big difference in spring growth all the way from California to home.Or temperature either, as yesterday was warmer than 2 days before in Redding California.

004 005

So here I am finally sitting in my easy chair,with a cool one.


Looking out at the little trailer I called home for 4 months,(except we mustn't forget the week and a half in the NO TELL-MOTEL) and watching the big screen TV and looking at the pile of mail I have to go through.


So as I said last time,when Wandering Willy isn’t wandering,he’s not blogging,so this will be the last for awhile.

I've picked up a lot of followers this winter and really appreciate the response’s I received from many people.I guess all the grief I ran into from killer bee attacks to axles breaking,did make good blogging fodder,and as reader Charles stated in an E-mail,trying to second guess what I was going to do next to get myself out of the predicaments was entertainment in itself.  He even suggested taking up a pool to send me to Newfoundland this summer,just so I could blog about it.He said the advertising dollar would be better spent than using TV adds.

I will continue to follow my fellow bloggers through their travels and add the odd comment.More time to read others for a change as there are some great blogs out there.

You will see my blog popping up on their lists when I start again,so keep a watch and thanks again to all.    By the way…I’m really just called Bill….Willy’s just a handle.Only my mother calls me Willy,always has….And my dad always called me Sam………Go figure.


  1. I can feel your relief all the way down here in California & I know how great a feeling that is...for a while. From the relief of crossing the border, & reaching the old home town, to the pulling into the driveway part. Stepping through the front door & that first big crash into the old comfy recliner. Awwwww yes, how sweet it is. Welcome home:))

  2. Welcome home Bill! It was quite the adventure.

    When we returned from Mexico last year I told my readers I was shutting the Blog down as well but John Calypso (Viva Veracruz) encouraged me to keep it going over the summer. He told me I had an established readership and I should keep it going. People are interested in more than just Mexico adventures.

    The same is true for you. People read because they like your attitude on life and your sense of humor. Entries do not have to be as ofter but the readers you have picked up are interested in what you are up to and in the final results of the axle repairs and any other modifications you may make to the rig.

    Anyway, you have gotten used to sharing your life and it will be hard to stop.

    My readership dropped by a little more than half over the summer but a few people thought my life was interesting enough to keep reading...Maybe they would drop in once every few days instead of daily, but they stuck around.

  3. I agree with Croft you could write a book on your adventures.

    How many miles did you travel?

    Get some rest then get back out there!!

  4. Bill,
    Good to hear all was well at the you had a big relief feeling....
    Things look nice and green at your home....makes going home even nicer..

    Take care,

  5. I will miss your posts, Willy/Bill but you are on my list of Blogs I follow so I will see when you blog again. I hope you will take Croft's suggestion to heart and blog once in awhile and let us know how you are doing and if another trip is in the future for you. Take care ☺


    Your readers are right you do a great job on your blogging you should do tourist things here at home for them to see we do live in a beautiful area after all theres lots of places you could visit to blog on.... harrison , hope (othello tunnels where rambo i think it was was filmed) our beautiful downtown when the flowers are blooming id be intrested in doing the othello tunnels with you if ur intrested just let me know a few days before so my sister in law can get a different sitter. welcome home papa hope to see you soon

    ps i didnt know gramps called you sam i remember him calling you willy

  7. Thanks for another great year of adventures, Bill. Too bad you're going to be packing in blogging for a bit. We'll keep an eye on your site and look forward to your next trip. Glad you got home safely and all in one piece with your trailer. There were a few days when I had my doubts.

  8. Welcome Home!! :)

    Thank you for sharing all of your adventures with us!

  9. Thank You Bill! Take it easy. I look forward to further adventure. From home or out & about.

  10. Bill: Glad you made it home safely. I enjoy reading your blog. Hope you don't stop your blog now that you are home.

    John Rosasco

  11. Well Willy I mean Bill.... I am so glad that you arrived home safely and are all cozied up in your easy chair with that tall cool beer! Hope you drop by to visit me from time to time... Have fun in whatever you do and still travel safe!

  12. Gee - I just discovered your blog and you're going to stop for a while. Oh well, I'll know when you're going again. Until then - enjoy your big chair - one of the things we both love about coming home is sitting back in our recliners. Glad you had a great trip.

  13. I agree with Carly - do some travel blogs right in your own province. Your readers love your blog whether you are traveling someplace interesting or not, and as someone else commented - it's all about attitudes on life.

    Glad you made it home safe and sound, and home looks pretty good by the way. I hope I can find a place to call home in the near future.

  14. Welcome Home dad, glad you made it safe and sound... nice weather we are having here eh?
    Talk to you soon
    Love Kim

  15. Glad to see you are safe in yoyr easy chair, We have thoroughly enjoyed following you the last few months and we have to agree with your Daughter and the other folks to put a few lines out every now and then to let your friends know how you are doing, Good Luck Bill(Willy) from your friends, Sam & Donna

  16. Glad you are home safe and no one else was living in your home. I just today heard a coworkers sob story about his summer cabin and 3 court visits and 4 months to evict a squatter, who saw him leave and just moved in.
    I have enjoyed your blog very much, those Bayfields do more cool stuff, but you have a more real life adventure. Perhaps it is your style. I really enjoy Summer in Canada and you could write about travels in the Yukon and travels in Bamptf, well that neat rocky mountain place.
    I am still working and anxious of my last day Friday. I have not started blogging yet, but have a lot of pictures at
    I like aircraft and old machines, but you might find some worth looking at.
    Once again, I enjoyed traveling with you this winter.

  17. Willy
    I miss reading about your life, I guess I don't have one of my own. Perhaps you could tell us about mowing your lawn or trimming the bushes. I have about 40 inches of snow on my yard and it is starting to snow again. As for my job, they made me a regular employee now. I will keep going in for now. Take Care.

  18. Wassup Willy? When's the next trip?

  19. Re-couping finances from the overly expensive winter.Just some local trips in July and August.Maybe as far as Alberta.

  20. I'm sure you had a great time. I'm looking forward to your new adventure. Have a great time blogging!

    diving Boracay

  21. I'm sure you had a great time. I'm looking forward to your new adventure. Have a great time blogging!

    diving Boracay