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Thursday, July 15, 2010

To Blog Or Not to Blog……That is the Question?

Its been over 4 months now since my last post and every day since,I have been lurking in Bloggersville,keeping tabs on what my blogging friends are up to,but staying out of sight and off the comments section of those blogs,which really is NOT my thing because commenting every day is harder for me then just doing a blog.I guess I’m selfish,I like receiving them but dislike giving them as its hard for me to come up with something to say without being wishy washy and too condescending.I guess not giving out compliments is one of my failing points….At least that’s what the wife always told me.

This past 4 months has been fairly uneventful with one exception and that being the passing of my 92 year old mother last May.I was her main go to person for all her personal needs for the past 11 years since dad died,and at times it was stressful dealing with some of the service people that she required,and of course, not forgetting the govt. dealings.Coming back from down south every spring meant that there would be a build up of problems waiting for me to have to deal with.I don’t have mail forwarded,so the fun begins on the first day back,like this year when her income tax got screwed up and she was owing the govt. over $2000.And this notice came by mail just after I headed south,so I ended up facing interest charges too.As it turned out after several frustrating days of running around and making umpteen phone calls,got it resolved to her getting money back,which I really knew all along.

As much as I really miss mom,there is some sense of relief that a weight has been lifted from these aging shoulders.Things are a lot simpler for dealing with my wife’s affairs as she sits in another nursing home not far from where my mother was.

There is just my younger sister Ellen and I left now and we had a special day in June when she came over from Vancouver Island and we travelled together up to the Princeton area of B.C. to scatter the ashes of both our mother and father together.I have been holding on to dad’s ashes for the past 11 years just to do this.It was a plan hatched many years ago on one of our camping trips with the folks.We sat around the campfire discussing when this day would come and they wanted to be scattered in an area above the town of Princeton which was their home for many years back in the 50’s.

Ellen and I found it so developed now with private property that we had to go almost to the end of the Copper Mountain rd. to find a seclude spot that was just right and that we agreed would be a spot that they would have liked.So here it is.



We finished up with this little photo-op,hugged each other,then came to mind that famous saying of Humphrey Bogart………..ITS JUST YOU AND ME KID!…….shed a tear and left.

So!…….Back to the header question…..Nothing blog-able has been happening, as I lead a fairly hum drum life most of the time…I don't socialize much,if at all,keeping to my self most of the time.Even when I’m out RVing,I tend to be that way as many of you who met me last winter can attest to.

Just the fact that I did have quite an interesting trip above the Arctic Circle last year at this time,and then my Mexico trip this past winter which was full of adventure and misadventure,this gave me lots of blogging fodder.That trip picked up quite a readership to the blog as I went from ant invasions to killer bee attacks and then getting stranded in the bowls of southern Mexico with 2 broken axles on the trailer.Then all the follow up problems related to that.I couldn’t even dream up that story as fiction,let alone fact.

So what I’m getting to is the fact that I just don’t have enough interesting fodder in my every day life to put out a daily blog,so what I will attempt is a once in awhile entry when something I want to talk about comes to mind.I have a few rants on deck that I will get to in time also.

I guess a good example of what I’m trying to say is the fact that right now I’m travelling with my RV,but because I’m a creature of habit,I usually end up in the same places over and over again and I like to only blog about these once.

I’m presently at Tunkwa Lake Provincial Park here in B.C. at almost exactly the same time as last year,in the same site and with the same weather.I’ll throw in some pictures,but they will look just like the photo’s from last year if you go back through my archives.So you see what I mean?


This is such a quiet spot,hardly anyone here as most of the sites are empty.004 003

Its mostly a fisherman's spot and I don't know how the fishing is,as I gave that up years ago.I used to fish this spot like crazy about 30 years ago.In fact when Mount St Helens blew,I was standing here fishing when I heard the sonic boom of the eruption all the way up here,which is over 500 miles as the crow fly's.

005 007

So there you have it,who knows,maybe today's start will get the juices flowing again.



  1. Well sure is nice hearing from you again. Just the other day I was wondering how you were doing. So glad you decided to update us. Take care and sneak a blog in there now and then just to let you know how you're doing...


  2. We blog when it comes to us. It makes it more interesting. Freely flowing thoughts are so much more creative than sitting there trying to come up with something to write about.

    Your blog has always been full of adventure. We always look forward to reading your stories and updates.

    Like Ruth says:

    "sneak a blog in there now and then"

    whenever the mood strikes. . . :)

    Have an excellent day!
    Angie & Family

  3. great post papa! I didnt even know you were gone
    went up and seen grandma this morning with the kids and lyndsie .. she was in the main living room area watching tv. we took her ouside to visit she was smiling lots .... hope ur having a good time away enjoy!

  4. A real co-incidence... I just looked at your Blog again yesterday after a long time not doing so. hmmm very strange. Glad to read your Blog again. We are wondering if the road to that park is a gravel road? Have a great time and keep on blogging. ☺

  5. I am sure I join the many who are happy to hear from you..sorry to hear about your Mum but can relate to how you feel about her passing...glad to see your wife was taken outside for some sun and that she was smiling...enjoy your travels and best wishes Les

  6. Glad to hear from you Willy, can't be any less boring than the evryday life in Dardenne Prairie. especially when your retired waiting for the house to sell and wanting to move on with life.just don't worry about comments, everyone enjoys hearing from you and your back on the road, .glad to see you are out and about. be safe out there Sam & Donna.

  7. Good to hear from you Willy, and sorry about your mom. We spread Norma's parents ashes on Long Beach on the west coast of Vancouver Island a couple of years ago. We had to sneak because the whole process is illegal in a National Park. It was her dad's last chance to thumb his nose at the government! We spread them on the land they used to own before it was expropriated and they were paid pennies on the dollar for it.

  8. Willy it is so good to hear from you again, but I'm sorry to hear of your mother's passing. The spot where you and your sister scattered their ashes looks like a peaceful place, and well chosen.

    Please, by all means, continue to blog even if you are repeating some things from last year. Many of us are at the point of having senior moments and we won't remember a year ago anyway (sometimes I can't remember 10 minutes ago!)

    Welcome back to the blogging world, and look forward to more of your posts soon.

  9. Nice to see you back out here again in the blogging world. Whether daily or occassionally is up to the individual & what a person is comfortible with. And free flowing thoughts can come just as easy on a daily basis as at any other time!!!! Just depends on how freely floating a person's attitude happens to be....whenever. Always nice to hear from you & what you are up to WW.

  10. Sorry to hear about your Mom, but so glad to hear from you.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  11. caught your blog lol, as did many others hope your trip is going well.

  12. Great to hear from you, WW. We are sorry to hear of the passing of your Mum. WE also lost Don's mum in April and are heading to Sask. in a couple weeks for the planned memorial service.

    Have a great relaxing summer.

  13. We are both happy to see your post today. Keep in mind that there are always new readers hitting your blog so don't let that keep you from repeating, its new information for many.

    We may not leave comments all the time, but we've been following your blog for nearly a year now.

    Our deepest condolences on losing your Mom. Putting her to rest in a serene and beautiful place with your Dad was a touching thing to do.

    Be well and keep posting.

    Rod and Connie

  14. WOW! I'm overwhelmed by all the response,thank you all for the nice comments.I thought I was sneaking back to a couple of readers:)
    Vera the road is paved all the way to the park entrance.

  15. Another welcome back, WW. I too find it easier to blog than think of witty comments. So this is just a boring hello. :)

  16. Welcome back to blogging Bill, Tunkwa looks wonderful! I thought it would be turning brown by now. You are making me envious! You know it is my 'home away from home'

  17. Welcome back, kept checking on you to see how things were! Sorry to hear about your mom. Take care!

  18. Hey! I'm a new "follower" and I haven't seen or heard your old stuff. Feel free to lather, rinse, repeat :) It's all new to me!


  19. I would rather read about your non-adventures even if you have a short post, than wait four more months to hear about how you are doing.

    Sorry to hear about the loss of your parent(s) but glad you have your sister to share with in spreading their ashes.

  20. What a perfect place to relax with nature. I think you have found a good spot, so peaceful and relaxing.
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  21. Willy, no one has "enough interesting fodder" in their life to write compelling daily posts. What happens is that the few really good posts can get lost in a sea of the mundane and routine. I think most people would rather read fewer quality posts than a daily post that becomes humdrum. So write when you feel like it, write when there's something to write about, write when there's something to share.