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Friday, February 18, 2011

Old Home Week At La Paz County Park-Parker Arizona

I was going to title this “All Of My Old Rowdy Friends”but they are Bigger than me so mum’s the word…From left to right,That's Ron my next door neighbour back home and Frank who lives 5 minutes away from us.There is also another couple from home,Bill and Wendy,but they were away on a side trip for a few days as I was setting up this blogs photos.


I had concerns about coming to this park after having a bad experience the only other time that I had come here several years ago, when my travelling companions and I were turned back at the entrance gate by the “Greeting Nazi's”.But that's a whole nuther story.

This time I drove in unchallenged and found my friends from our park back home, and set up across the road from one of them,up on the grassy knoll…And look at all the nice dry camping spots that are empty.That's me in the centre of the 2nd photo.All those others are across the road on the waterfront row.

025 042

This park is situated along the Colorado river just a few miles from Parker Arizona.

As the layout map below shows,its quite a large County Park,about 1 mile long and a quarter mile wide.There are no sewer hook-ups,just electric and water.There is a 4 hole dump station plus a couple of blue boy dump stations on each side.You can see the rows of Ramada sites that number about 114, plus unlimited dry camping area’s scattered around the open green spaces seen in this map.Actually I was pleasantly surprised when I finally got to see the inside of this place.

La Paz County Park-2

So we will take a little photo tour around.Starting with a sunrise panorama shot of the lagoon area on the far left of the map.

La Paz County Park

The lagoon area is really nice and has random camping around a fair amount of its edge,if you like parking lot style camping with your own Ramada.

037  038-1

Of course this is a County Park,not just a campground,so when they have an event like a kids fishing derby……Winking smile ………..It looks like this…


Ramada row looks congested but not bad when you have a Ramada between each site,like Ron's on the left and Franks on the right…..Oh Oh!…There’s Franks better half Alison, looking for him.He’s in trouble again….

009-1 024

AH! Its a truce moment with the Bickersons.


Back to the tour….They have a nice open walkway behind Ramada row as seen below.

012  019

Some of the open dry camping areas of the park.

030  031

029 017

All photos were taken only on the left half of the map,so you can see just how large the park is.

This will be my last stop before heading for home next week and may be the last blog also for this winter’s trip,only time and conditions will determine that.I hope to be back home in B.C. by the end of the month. So far, weather conditions don't look too great for this 4 and a half day run.

I have a question that's been bothering me for awhile………In all those “Capital One”commercials on TV……How come all the Nordic Vikings all speak with an English accent?………..Love those commercials.


  1. Looks like a great place to visit... Glad you had a better experience this time.
    Have fun & travel safe

  2. We really enjoy the County and State parks, they seem to be getting better and better, Boy your winters seem to go buy fast, heading for home already, Well we'll watch for an occasional blog just to let us know your still sbreathing. be safe out there, Sam & Donna..

  3. Well WW you definitely out stealthed my predictions for your homeward route. Like the looks of that park except for all those white boxy looking things on wheels. Too bad we missed you this year but maybe next winter. If we don't hear from you out here in Blogland we wish you all the best & safe travels on your homeward journey. Take care WW & keep that truck out of the trees:))

  4. The "Bickersons" wouldn't also be known as the "Kipps" would they?

    Don't worry not a long lost relative looking for money!!!!! .... just Sandy and Garry from Honeymoon Bay RV Park

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