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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Random Photo View Of Dawson City Yukon,With A few Thoughts Thrown In.

Today's blog entry goes back to Saturday/Sunday past.I wish to carry on with my little saga of what you have to deal with after 800+miles of dusty road.
I arrived in Dawson City mid morning Saturday after hosing down the truck and trailer, so at least they will maybe let me into town.I found the Dawson R.V. park just outside of town.There are 2 parks side by side,actually a 3rd, but it seemed to be closed.It was open earlier this year because it was the one I had picked to stay at.This is the one with the gas station.
After checking in and setting up ,I started my big cleaning task,beginning with the inside of the truck box area,having to remove everything and clean off a 1/2" layer of dust.And while doing that I had the jet from the fridge soaking in some alcohol,hoping that cleaning it would solve my fridge problem,then, when I reached my little compressor and had it dusted off,could use it to blow out the orifice.(that did it)the fridge is back in business.......but, with the luck of the 7 snotty orphans,I now can't get the hot water tank to stay lite.Oh Joy!To hell with it,I'll do without.(this problem solved itself a few days later when I tried it again here in Whitehorse.)

The cleanup took all afternoon and now I was just as dirty as the truck was and I still had the inside of the trailer to deal with,not quite as bad because I was on top of it daily while travelling.
By late afternoon the hot sun was getting to me,so time to quit and take a shower.The shower building was just across the road from me,that was handy.I get there in my half nude condition and find its coin operated and me with no change.Now I have to put my cloths back on and trundle off to the busy store/gas station for change....sheeesh!What a day.

Well,I had allotted 2 days to stay in the Dawson area and one was shot cleaning,so I figured tomorrow,Sunday I would get an early start and see the town.But I got sidetracked in the morning because I found more dusty areas in the trailer that I had missed.On top of this it turned out to be a cloudy cold showery day.

I finally got into town by late morning,parking in front of Maximilians Emporium,that was costly as I found a whole bunch of goody's that I must have.(Ernie,I got your book).

After the spending spree,I walked the town just taking in the atmosphere of this place.I found it to be like a tourist trap in a way,but I wasn't interested in the tourist stuff,just to take in the fact that I was standing in a big piece of frontier gold rush history.This was a place I've always wanted to visit since a child when I used to sit around the radio listening to the "Adventure's of Sgt.Preston of the Yukon".

They have done a nice job of restoring this town,and I like the idea that every building old and new has that same architectural look of the gold rush days.
Even the R.C.M.P. building,seen below.

Below is the free ferry that takes you across the Yukon River,connection people to the "top of the world highway"over to Chicken and then Tok Alaska.I thought about taking this route but decided on the Dempster instead.Still glad I did.

Below is a look at the past in an un-restored view.You can see by the angle of the buildings,that building on perma-frost is a difficult thing.

Had to get Diamond Tooth Girties place in also.

I was surprised at how many business streets this town has,and how all the business's are hidden in these old style buildings.You could never tell if you were looking at a restored museum piece or an actual business establishment.

This is the actual town radio station.

And below,you can see new buildings under construction and they will have that same old time styling......I like it.......I guess that's why the modern looking gas station along with a newer subdivision is out of town a couple of K's where I'm staying.

Well,that's my 2 hour tour,some people say Dawson has nothing,and move on.....but really it has a lot..........A lot of history.

UPDATE.....leaving Whitehorse this morning for Watson lake as I slowly head toward home.I got the oil changed on the Tundra and picked up another windshield chip on the way out of town on a beautiful paved highway.......Its not to be,I guess.
I must thank some of my readers for their nice comments,I know for some, this style of blog is uninteresting.I don't want to get too travelogue'y,so I try to add a personal feeling to it.
And lastly to some of you back in Tapa-yapa who know me........have you been waiting for this..................YES...... I TOOK THE TUNDRA........TO THE TUNDRA!


  1. Wow Willy, I love your post and wouldn't change a thing... We are going to Alaska next summer and I am so interested in what you have to say... However I hope we can stay on little better roads... I'm ascared for my motorhome after hearing so many stories... Thanks for the fun post!!! We love the history of towns too.

    Have Fun & Travel Safe

  2. Loved your post. I'm going to put you on my followers list so I can see where you go next.

    Happy Trails,