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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Some Sunday Morning Ramblings.

I woke up this morning to an e-mail from fellow blogger Les who is in my sidebar under the title of “The journey of a lifetime begins…”where he hints but doesn't come right out with it in his blog,but during his second night stop at a Pemex station in Sinaloa Mexico,parked in the back,(like we all have done many times)he was robbed at gunpoint.I wont go into the details but he posted his story in the Open Roads forum of RV.Net. Mexico and South America. 

I guess this can happen anywhere but I truly believe that the rule of law is really breaking down quickly in Mexico judging by the many hours of research that I have done this past summer,which sealed my final decision about not going this year.

It just seems that as the rule of law breaks down,all the nickel and dime crooks are coming out of the woodwork looking for an easy mark.Les is a pretty open minded guy and he sponsors  girls in an orphanage in SMA so he goes to visit every year,and its very important to him. judging by his last blog post,he is handling it well.I probably would have high tailed it back to the border with much haste.

On a lighter note,things here at Rio Grande Village campground are turning into a couple of nice days of doing nothing much….I had to put on my Mr. fix-it hat yesterday in a failed attempt to fix my ailing,well used, 2 year old “Buddy Heater.”Its back to using the furnace until I get a new one.Glad this didn't happen when it was really cold at night at those higher altitudes.

My campsite turned into a lakeside property the other day when they irrigated this section of the park.


And did that ever bring the birds around…They were everywhere enjoying the water.The Vermillion Flycatcher seen below has been around since my arrival along with a male red Cardinal that I was unable to get a good photo of.


And I need help to identify these guys below….I’ve searched my 2 bird books and cant pin these guys down.These are small,4”,they hover just above the ground,they cling to trees like a creeper,they have a yellow patch just under the chin and back of tail, then grey stripes down the breast ……Am I missing something simple here?

013  015

Stretched out a bit here.Any help would be appreciated from you experts out there.


The other afternoon I was relaxing outside with a brewsky watching a few new arrivals coming in for the night and along comes this monster set-up.


My first thought was…boy! he’s going to have fun trying to park that in here where I barely have room.They stopped and walked around for quite awhile,even surveying across from me……OH NO! No jockeying next to me puleeese!…. Ya,you guessed it,they pulled straight in across from me and actually got everything into the site.


I guess the fun will be when they leave….Although I must realize that this couple probably have been doing this for a long time and know what they are doing….More power to them….I’m impressed………And also what caught my attention was when they opened up the back of the cargo trailer to reveal…….


Yes a car and a boat above.The car came out for there daily tours.

The weather has cooled a bit from 80’s to 70’s and I will spend today watching a couple of Canadian Football league playoff games,then head out Monday morning towards Laredo.Finally one more bird to identify.




  1. I not sure about the bird you were asking about but I do have a thought about the bird you identified as a male Cardinal. Could this bird be a Pyrrhuloxia instead?

  2. I have to agree with you about the rule of law south of the border breaking down, Also after a lifetime of Law Enforcement, I feel that you are a whole lot more in harms way when confronted with an amateur with a gun, than someone, that plans his moves and does it with the moves of a professional, this type of crime however is prevalent in neighborhoods in Texas as well as Ontario, the real danger to me would be getting caught up innocently in the rival drug war going on now in our neighbor to the souths area. Be safe out there, and enjoy all the hospitality your Texas friends have to offer. Sam & Donna.

  3. We have decided that there will no trips south of the border for the foreseeable future.

    We see a lot of those big trailers in our travels and often are amazed at what is in them. I guess some folks have to carry it all. More power to them. Compared to them, we are definitely minimalists.

  4. Amazing what was in that trailer...and being towed by a Class C.

  5. The birds with the yellow under the chin etc. are Yellow Rump Warblers...females or young ones... and the last one is a Say's Phoebe

    Too bad about the Lions - next year! Enjoy your is horrible here...Eagle Festival could be interesting...that 's' word is in the forecast!

  6. Yes, it's too bad about that Mexico thing. If it wasn't for all the trouble we would venture down there as well because we both have some nice memories of Mexico.