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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wrapping Up After A Month On The Road…Time To Go Home.


I want to finish up my tour of this great little resort at the northwest end of Summit lake.I’m spending only 4 days and because I didn’t have a reservation,had to accept 2 locations in the park,2 days in each.Actually this 2nd one is much nicer than yesterdays pic’s of my first one.


This location is right in front of the boat docks and a stones throw from the beach(below).In this first picture below,those trees across that small portion of the lake,is the location of the Provincial park campground.


You know…..The one that’s always full.Also below is a shot of our park taken from the Provincial park boat launch.I’m on the left side in the pic.

023 025

I had to wait until way past checkout time Friday morning to get to my new site as the young inconsiderate couple who occupied it, had too many pop’s the night before and slept in.I sat fuming all morning as everyone else was leaving,waiting for these idiots to get a move on.I wasn’t going to get “hairy chested” with them because he was a big guy,but I did put the bug in the managements ear and she went down and herded them a bit…..They were in a nice expensive Class-C Motorhome……A case of more money than brains I guess.

Another thing I noticed about this west Kootenay area is the abundance of Albertans.The old red and white license plates actually outnumber the BC plates everywhere I go.For awhile there I had to check my road map and make sure I hadn't crossed the border into Alberta without realizing it.Here in the campground I would say the flatlanders, they outnumber us side hill gougers by 2 to 1.

I’m not knocking Albertans…I used to be one once…..even married one,heaven forbid…Just having a bit of fun,but it is true about there abundance.

This resort is reasonable priced at $28. for full hookups and $26.for water and electric compared to $ the Provincial with nothing.Even the firewood here is free,with lots of it,and a fire pit in each site which can make for a smoky situation with the close proximity. I guess if you are going to compare,the only thing going for the Provincial is the privacy thing.And for me that is of utmost importance.

So after getting set up in my new location,I ventured into Nakusp,a town with some fond memories from past trips to this area.Just a sleepy little tourist town on the shore of the upper Arrow lake.And surprisingly  not even one regular fast food restaurant for a town with enough size to support one or two.It sort of takes me back to the 50’s….I like it…There are plenty of interesting little restaurants anyway,along with quite a few tourist curio shops.


Like this one below.

017 018

And at the end of the main street you come to a nice park and beach,where I fought my way past all the red and white license plates,and got a parking spot…:))

013 012


As you can see in the 3 pic’s above,a vicious thunderstorm is approaching so its time to flee the premises and get back to camp.

I just made it and opened my awning as the deluge started…..Man!I haven't seen thunderstorm rain like that since my days living on the prairies. The reason the top pictures in this blog entry are sort of dark is because I took them during my early morning walk when it was still a misty pre sunrise.

And on a final note with my review of this park,it also has a spotless washroom/shower/laundry building,seen in one of yesterdays shots.

This morning I will be leaving and heading back toward Vernon and home, after a short free ferry ride across Arrow lake….See you on the other side.


A correction about the Sonoran desert and Osoyoos from my last post,actually its the northern tip of the Great Basin Desert which connects to the Sonoran desert where some plant and animal life is the same as the higher elevations of the Sonoran in Mexico.Here is an interesting link on Osoyoos.

And also a link on Nakusp.


  1. The photo of the visciously approaching storm over the lake & beach reminded me so much of Kalamalka Lake in Veronon where I lived for awhile in the early 70's. And that small ferry ride from Nakusp shook some cobwebs too I think. Say hello to Vernon for me. I still remember rolling out of Vernon heading towards Kelowna, Osoyoos & across southern BC back to Ontario one cold & dreary early January morning thinking to myself, "see ya Vernon....I'll be back!!" That was over 35 years ago & I still haven't made it. I loved every minute of BC that I lived there.......

  2. Bill, I was going to ask you to send me an email because I've lost your address (again!) with all the computer issues (thought I knew it but obviously I didn't 'cause it 'bounced back') - anyway, see you are on your way home so will get it when you arrive back. Cloudy and cooler here right now...supposed to warm up again by mid week.

  3. Thanks for the clarification about the Sonoran desert. I guess it's like some of the mountain ranges - lots of them connecting from the south all the way up to the far north. That's why I love topographical maps and such, that show the connectedness as well as the peaks and valleys. Your photos today are beautiful.

  4. Hi, Got your blog address from Gypsy and glad I did. I look forward to reading your previous posts. I have just started writing a blog on blogspot, but have been writing on mytripjournal for over 2 years. I have added your site to my list, if you would rather I didn't, please let me know. Pidge

  5. 在莫非定律中有項笨蛋定律:「一個組織中的笨蛋,恆大於等於三分之二。」..................................................

  6. Wow Bill, you got a lot of Asian friends! LOL.

    Anyway. I once saw a sign in a storefront window in Sicamous that said "We take Alberta Money at Par!" haha...

    Oh, Barefoot Neil Z = ANT-Zee, in a different blogosphere...

  7. Wandering Willy, Thanks for becoming a Follower of our blog. We enjoy reading your posts.