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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Of Mice And Men….And Attack Chipmunks.


So goes the story of my past two weeks,along with having to put up with a camping neighbor with a yappy Jack Russell,running loose and going after all the passing dogs on leashes,and an owner who usually didn't even bother to get out of her chair to stop it.She would just turn and yell at the dog,so I guess the bad manners are with the owner,not the dog.(probably both.)I had just wished that it would shut up for just a little while.(End rant 1)

Then there are the screaming kids…Yelling and having fun is one thing,but shrieking all the time……What's up with that? Of course I expect this sort of thing when I go to a popular provincial park during the summer holiday season,but after living the snowbird life with all the other old “Blue-Hairs”during the winter season….It is quite a change and takes a bit of getting used to.(end rant 2)…..Although I know of some seniors that fall into the noisy rowdy category too.Some even shriek.

Then there’s the subject of today's title.I don't know why wildlife seem to come after me, example, last winters little episodes with Ants,Africanized bees and a Possum.Thank goodness the Alligator ignored me on South Padre Island Texas last January, but the first day I’m at Monck park two weeks ago, I’m having a few zzzz’s in my recliner and a chipmunk comes flying through the air from behind me and lands on my head…Scared the bejabbers out of me….And I might as well blame the Jack Russell for the mouse problem….he probably chased it into my trailer…….I’m starting my 13th season with this little trailer and this is the first time(that I know of) that I have had a resident mouse.It took me less than two hours from the time I discovered it until its execution…..Without a trap……..More on that later.

The weather for many was perfect during my 9 day stay at Monck PP with one uncomfortable day that had a high of 35c/94f and no wind off the lake,but most were breezy days around 30c,just right,but after steady days of it the heat was starting to get to me along with the others things previously mentioned,so with a long weekend coming up where the decibel level was sure to rise even higher here,I decided to get “Outta Dodge” and head for some higher ground for the long weekend,where I’m sure to find cooler temperatures.That's the nice thing about living in mountain country,so that's what I did.Within two hours driving time I was up another 2000ft in the old standby of EC Manning Provincial Park,arriving at noon this past Thursday,giving me a days leeway to find a good site before the weekend rush hits the place.And it hit with a bang the next day,but I was hunkered down and didn’t care,with perfect weather….The fresh cool breeze was sooo nice.


Now I know I brought the mouse with me from Monck because I remember hearing some rustling sounds on the final night,but just thought it was the lapping of the waves,because it couldn’t be a mouse….I never get those.But on my first day here at the Coldspring Campground, I heard overnight rustlings again and when I opened the cupboard door under the sink to throw something in the garbage at breakfast time,there was my little friends rear end disappearing further into the cupboard.

My first thought was……Geeeeze!…I don't got no mousetrap! (How's that for grammar?)My little brain whirled into action…I have friends coming up from home today,so a quick e-mail to Kathy to pretty please bring a mousetrap with you.30 minutes later a return e.-mail with a big “roger that”……..It sure is nice to have satellite internet in the middle of nowhere with no phone service.

But alas as Yogi Bear always said”Smarter than the average bear”,old Willy was smarter than the average mouse because after breakfast I emptied the garbage container,placed a new plastic bag in,then went outside and sat for awhile….then snuck back in and quickly opened the cupboard door and low and behold there he was,trapped in the bottom of the container looking for food…I quickly picked up the container(a small plastic waste basket) and carried him outside.Now I don't like killing any creatures,even mice but the thought that he may not survive anyway came to light,because if I let him go, he may be a different species being brought from a lower desert to a higher forest.I had to justify my feelings of guilt somehow.003

Well Kathy and Ernie showed up with a mousetrap for me anyway and I will soon find out if there are any more.

As you can see I haven’t been too active with my camera as all I have taken is 3 different angles of my latest campsite.Although the other day I took a walk along one of the campsite roads and walked right up to a young buck deer grazing at the side of the road,sporting a new growth of fuzzy antlers.He just stood there and looked at me(without a word of a lie)10 feet away from me…..I gave him a gentle hello in a soft voice and he just looked at me for about 10 seconds then slowly ambled away……That's right,my camera was back at the trailer gathering dust.

So this morning of course was our first cloudy day in 2 weeks and I get the camera out….go figure!…all I could muster up was this guy chowing down.


I had to work this one with Picasa a bit because it was just a silhouette to start with.Some day I’ll take the time to learn how to use a camera beyond point and shoot on auto.

Oh! and last week I finally broke down and bought a new barbeque after over 20 years with the last one.

Just a cheapy,but I love it…On sale at Crappy Tire (Canadian Tire) for 29.95,down from 49.95. Quality Chinese made….:)

010  011

And I just love having that nice oven temperature gauge in the lid.

012  So now I’m dabbling in a few wrapped in foil type recipes.Real fancy stuff, like potatoes smothered in onions with a pork chop thrown in for good measure.A culinary genius I am….:)…Just a simple man with simple needs who writes blogs with Kindergarten pictures and lettering…….:)

I guess I could have entitled this post……”Just a lot about nothing”



  1. When we lived in Chilliwack, we used to pack up our then popup tent trailer every single weekend and head up to Manning PP. That is one beautiful park. Luck you to be so close to it.
    Glad to be seeing blogs from you again.

  2. I can smell that mouse cooking now. Willy your quite the hunter and chief.

  3. Great "Just a lot about nothing" Post. We had a few mice in our 5th Wheel once and that just after I had mentioned to friends that I had only seen them in motorhomes. It took a few days to get rid of them all. We found where they came in and plugged the hole with foil. It worked.

  4. Willy, people would have paid money to watch that flying squirrel land on your head,sheesh what a sight. Good job on the mouse hunt, We live in the country and get the seasonal mouse hunts yearly, don't mind giving them the chop either. Wow how lucky you were to get away from the gal with the Jacl Russell, what a breed to me ill mannered and not trained, they have a 200 percent energy level when they are well mannered. Have fun in the wilds of the Canadian woods while it's still nice weather there. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  5. We once transported a mouse in the engine compartment for a week or so. After being warned that it would eat the wiring I finally got him out with a water hose. He was last seen dripping wet heading across the field about 2000 miles from where we picked him up.

    We added one of those kits that allow you to hook up a BBQ to the RV's propane system. It is much more convenient than keeping those little bottles.

    It sounds like you are having fun this summer. Keep truckin!

  6. I'm really envious of anyone able to get away to the mountains and escape the heat, noise & traffic of city life.

    I had a terrible problem with mice last year at Lassen Volcanic National Park (northern CA). I used every kind of mouse bait available and they just ate it like candy. I don't think I could deal with a mousetrap, so I just use the bait. I ended up having to get something for rats and it must have been stronger, because I saw a few deceased mice after that. I don't like to kill any living creature and won't, as long as they stay out of my house!

    It's good to read your blog again.

  7. I think I would have had a heart attack if a chipmonk landed on my head! Did you have peanuts in your shirt pocket or something? :)

  8. Hey Willy, I see your at it again with your traveling 3 ring animal circus. Have you thought of a top hat & ringmaster's cape. Looks like you have a fine spot in the wood's there. You sure have a lot more patience with annoying people noise than we do. One barking dog or shrieking kid & there would just be one big cloud of dust behind us as we headed for the hills!!!!