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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Back At Pilot Knob BLM…Yuma

Friday morning just a few hours after posting my last blog entry,I noticed that one of the trailer tires(not the one shown in the blog)was low after just filling and adjusting pressures on them the day before.So with a slow leak to contend with,I figured maybe I should get back to Yuma and get this,along with a few other things dealt with.

I set my Garmin just so I could see what time I would reach Yuma.driving off,I hear a strange voice speaking to me in German…I look in the back seat…No..nobody there,then I realize that Miss Garmin has been abducted and replaced with someone I don't understand.So I stopped and went into the Garmin settings to find that somehow they had changed to Africaneese.You know…Something strange seems to effect my Garmin every time I leave this place.Last year it lost satellite reception after leaving this spot.A problem that didn't go away until after I got home.


That grey motor home has my spot from last November and the Bounder to the right of it was there in the same spot at that time.I don't think I could spend that much time in this place.

This place is disliked as a barren boondocking spot and there are other places nearby that are much nicer,but this place is special in my heart like a second home after 13 years of stopping here for week or two each year.It was the location of my first big boondocking experience,after a short stay at Peg leg's in Borrego Springs.

I prefer it to the free 14 day spot nearby which is very dusty and always seems to have ATV’s roaring through kicking up more dust.At least here there is some security and a nice big garbage dumpster,which is important to me as I find sometimes boondocking,that getting rid of your garbage can be a problem.And here in the back there is a minimum of traffic and dust and others.


So yesterday I bought another new tire for the trailer,making 2 new ones this season to go along with the other two (14 month old tires) that are just about finished already.This has been a year of much travel from the Arctic to almost the Guatemalan border.

This morning I e-mailed Galaxy Broadband in Toronto to request that they change my satellite assignment back to G16 from SatMex 5.So I hope they don't cut me off before finishing this blog entry.Then the process of re-registering begins.I hope it goes smoother than last November when they had problems getting me on the Mexican satellite.Also I have to change the position of my Star-Choice TV Bow to the other side of the internet radio arm.Got to see that hockey game this afternoon.

I will spend this coming week getting a few things done and some final shopping before hitting the road for home on March 2, which takes 4 1/2 days from here.I may go over to Borrego Springs for the last 2 days making the first days run into California’s big valley,a little closer.I like to make my first stop at Col.Allensworths State Park about 50 miles north of Bakersfield,and that's a bit of a long run from Yuma,even though I’ve done it before.



  1. Willy, just make sure that if you go to Borrego Springs, you don't park closer than a quarter mile to Al - you know how touchy he is about these things. On the other hand, if I could I'd send you down a big box of firecrackers to light him up!!!

  2. That's a good idea Rick,maybe I can find some firecrackers here to take along.If he's in my old spot I'll just park next to him.heh heh!

  3. Good Morning Willie... Oh so glad you saw the tire had a problem... and glad you got a replacement! It would be fun sneaking up on Al to give hime a BIG surprise... LOL Have fun & travel safe!!!

  4. Hi Wandering Willy - We're at the Pilot Knob RV Park .. right in front of you. Actually, we've only been here for 2 days. We've been in the "free" BLM down the road from you and will be going back today. I had to say "hi" and here's why ..... our user ID is Wanderin' and we're traveling in the Willy Wagon. Go figure!

  5. Have a safe trip home dad, looking forward to seeing you. :)


  6. Your blog is more fun to read than any newspaper I have picked up lately. I am happy you made back to the USA, now if Canada will let you back in, you will have made a real adventure. Your pictures are very nice, they show what it is like where you are. I travel with Tipsey my Garman who takes me places I never planned to go. So I know the feeling of driving with one old map and a techno know it all. Keep it up.