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Monday, October 18, 2010

From The Valley Of The Snake


After yesterdays leaky toilet troubles,I am finally back on track and overnighted here at 3 Island State Park just outside the small town of Glenns Ferry Idaho……But to go back…

Talk about a fun job………


Yesterday morning I got breakfast and dishes out of the way in case my water system might be down for awhile,then rolled up the sleeves and got to work. Luckily I was able to find the new valve stowed away.I purchased it many years ago in case I ever had failure while in Mexico,where parts like this are non existent.

And it was nice to see a new seal and good instructions in this $19.95 package.I bet it would cost 3 times that now. It took me close to an hour to do a job that next time would take 15 minutes,but I didn't want to screw up…..cuz I’m sorta famous for making dumb mistakes in my haste to get a job done. I still don't know what was wrong but installing the new water valve  solved the problem.I saved the old one to inspect later when I have time.


I finally got on the road around 9am,another sunny mild day,first passing through Pendleton Oregon on the Interstate,where I noticed the Large “Keystone RV” factory with a big sign out front…..Hiring line workers… there are jobs to be had in this area.

Then southeast through beautiful mountain country with pine forests and rolling grasslands all the way to the Idaho border where I passed the rather large “ORE-IDA” potato processing plant in Ontario Oregon.

Then across the Snake river and into the State of Idaho…….Time to gas up again….Hmmmm will my card work at the pumps this time….I’m batting 0 for 2 so far….I came across a Sinclair station in the middle of nowhere called “STINKEYS”….at first as I approached I wasn't sure if it was even open as it looked like it had seen better days…….But surprise surprise my card worked at the pump….It gave me the option of pay outside or inside which maybe a clue that I have been missing,because it asked for a pin instead of a zip and I was in business………So all I can say is that my visit to Stinky’s came out smelling like a rose:)

After passing through Boise and a time zone change,it was getting into mid afternoon,very short of my intended destination of jackpot Nevada,so having been here at this State Park about 5 years ago, I new it was a nice stop to make….And a little quieter as the noise of trucks all night was getting to me.


This park sits down on a lush bench along the Snake river,a nice contrast to the dry hills surrounding it.And the temperature got close to 70 degrees upon arrival.

012 015

It very much reminds me of the Okanagan Provincial park back home,in fact it has much the same foliage for example these olive trees below.


So in a couple of hours I will hit the road and enter some new undiscovered country.I decided to change my route a bit and stay on this Interstate instead of getting off at Twin Falls and heading into Nevada……So I will carry on and weather the storm that many call…….”Driving through Salt Lake City.”…….I’ve heard many complaints on the discussion forums,so I’ll find out for my self……I hope to make Utah Lake State Park in Provo by this afternoon.


  1. You mentioned about Stinkey's smelling like a rose but you didn't mention anything about wondrous aromas drifting up from your blank tank while fixing the toilet. Guess that's why you didn't mention it!! Probably feels pretty nice to be mobile & heading for somewhere again. We'll be at the ranch near McNeal Az until mid December & then heading westward-ho for more unknown destinations from there. Our departure date here is still Nov. 6th.



  3. Look's like you made good progress and can check off another block on your plumbers certificate. you are probably going to find a hairline crack in the plastic housing of the valve, that somehow escaped the winterizing process, that's what happened to me a couple of trailer's ago. Now I pressurize the system with compressed air and blow out the water lines, and then add pink antifreeze to the bottom of the tanks and all traps,haven't had a problem since I started that procedure. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  4. Maybe that will be your only repair job this year?? Hope so... :)

  5. I think I would like to spend more time in Idaho. From the short time I was there last year, plus photos from numerous bloggers this year, it is a beautiful state.

    SLC is not fun to drive through, nor is any large city, but just don't do it at commute time. I've never pulled a trailer through it.

    It sure is nice to see you blogging again and to look forward to your posts.

  6. Looks like a repair kit for your toilet would set you back around $ 33.00 now. Plus you did not have to run around to find one. Chalk one up for Willy!!!!
    Wish I was on my way South too but for me it would be Arizona.

  7. Way to go Willy get all the problems out of the way first...I know what you mean about Salt lake I came back that way 2 years ago but for me the mess of driving was highly compensated when i got front row seat for the Morman tabernacle safe and well Les

  8. Good to see that you were able to fix the toilet and get on your way. Safe travels!

  9. We had a leaky water valve on the way home last year as well. The toilet would overflow in about four hours if I forgot to turn the water pump off. We had an estimate in Spokane of $120 to fix it or $150 to replace the whole toilet so we got a new toilet installed.