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Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Photo-less First 2 Days On The Road

Oh what fun trying to get all my ducks in a row as I start another season of snow birding.It seems I get one problem solved and another one crops up….Oh well I’m on schedule anyway.

I left home at 9:45 AM Friday and it took about 45 minutes to reach the border at Sumas Washington.Normally it only takes a few minutes to reach the customs booth,but I forgot that its a payday Friday and the Loonie just reached par the day before,so low and behold a big line up.One hour later after much jockeying and lane change cheating,(by others)I made it.Just a few questions and well rehearsed answers by me (I had lots of time in the line up to think of possible questions)and I was on my way……First stop the Bank of America branch down the street where I hold an account.They advertise how you just deposit open cash,no envelope, in their ATM’s so I thought I would give it a try with my newly purchased US dollars from a week ago.They were all new 100 dollar bills,well the machine took 5 of them but refused to take the last 2,so after several try’s,gave up and went inside,like I should have done in the first place.This sets me up for using my debit card at the gas station pumps…..Ya right!…..2 try's so far and both times the pump required a zip instead of pin #,and yes the 00’s trick hasn’t worked yet.My converted postal code would be 01100 and I have had no luck,so its back to the slurpy line up again…..Sheeesh! Maybe I’ll have better luck today,but I digress.

Next stop Camping World in Burlington where I went crazy like I do every year at this time…..Hey my card worked there :)….A quick sandwich in the parking lot and on my way south to the Tulalip Casino in Marysville,with a short stop at Wal-Mart first for groceries and suds………WOW! I’ve never seen the RV parking area at the casino so full and of course my favorite spot was taken:( but I got a reasonable spot where I could set up my sat. dish.

Once set up,my next task was to get my Tracfone (cell phone) set up as the pay as you go time had lapsed over the summer.(this phone can only be used in the U.S.)..Of course I was decommissioned and had to start the whole process over again with a new phone number.I went on line and went through the process and as I was finishing up,my phone bleeped and a welcome back text came on the screen but no new time or minutes.My on-line account told me I was up and running with lots of time but my phone was reading 0 and wouldn’t work…..Sheeesh!…Again.

Yesterday morning had me in the casino at 6am on a land line to Tracfone and the guy I got sounded like a machine so I’m not so sure how far technology has gone but he answered me when I asked a question…(maybe it was India and he was talking into a translation machine).

I could only understand about half of what he was saying,plus the music playing in the casino was very loud……So 45 minutes later after much clickty clicking at his end with a few apologies for my patience thrown in,I was finally up and running…….I think its less hassle in the long run to keep it active all summer even if i cant use it.

It was daylight by the time I got back to the trailer and found a nice layer of frost on the trucks windshield….I didn’t think it was that cold.An 8am start got me back on I-5 south and through the Seattle suburb of Bellevue and  on to I-90 east,all with a new problem to deal with that started that morning.My water fill valve on the toilet leaks on to the floor,which mean turning off the switch every time I use a tap.I thought it was just the water line fitting but its the valve. I think I have a spare valve I bought years ago….I just have to find it.This job pretty well means that I have to remove the toilet from the floor and I’m not prepared to tackle that job at present unless it gets worse.

Saturday was a nice sunny 60 degree day and I’m presently at the Pilot Travel Centre RV park on I-84 near Hermiston/Pendleton Oregon.I usually go 30 minutes further to the Wild Horse Casino  but elected to stop here for a change.

I had photos to add but for some strange reason the camera card wont give them to my computer.My other card works so I’ve switched for future photos……Update…Sunday morning as I ready this post to publish………The toilet leak is much worse so I better hold my ground here since I’m all hooked up,until I get this resolved.


  1. Talk about a "shakedown cruise"! I'm glad to see you're on the road again and hope you don't have any more problems with phones, credit cards, etc. Welcome back!

  2. Holy smokes WW, I'm thinking of staying home now after reading about all your trials & tribulations. I know what you mean though about having to get everything re-thought out & re-started. Always a big re-learning curve to go through everytime we hit the road too. With each day things will get easier & once you get your plumbing under control you will be off & running again:))

  3. Once its fixed it will be smooth sailing papa have a great trip xoxo :)

    ps chloe's working on her x's and z's for you lol

  4. Nothing worse than a water leak in the RV. We have had our share of them. Hope you get your's fixed and all is well for the rest of your trip. Stay safe.