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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It’s Time For Willy To Start Wandering Again.



In 3 days another snowbird season starts for me.As the fall rains and dreary dark days begin around here….Then the hitch itch starts…So where to go?


No…Not north,but south for another season of setting up my communications network at almost every stop.


Normally it would be good old Mexico,but with the situation at present being a little too un-civil for my liking,I’ve opted to stay in the U.S. this winter.

I spent many hours this summer researching the goings on in Mexico, and for a guy who has never felt uncomfortable travelling the byways of old Mexico, It was an eye opener for me.I kept thinking back to the January trip up to McAllen,driving day and night,sleeping in the truck at the side of the road,especially in that Monterey/Reynosa corridor,where unknown to me at that time,things where really starting to heat up with the Narcos and their killing/hijacking ways.

It was also a very expensive winter with all the mechanical problems on my aging trailer,from my 3 month old awning unfolding and tearing on the highway in Washington State, to needing a new hot water tank by the time I reached Quartzsite Arizona.Then the broken axles at my southernmost point in Mexico,in the middle of nowhere on the gulf of Tehuantepec. I don't think I’ve ever felt so helpless as I did that day. And the topper was when I got home I tallied all the highway toll slips and it totalled the equivalent of one thousand U.S dollars…..Aye Carumba!

It was also a very memorable trip with many good experiences.I saw some fantastic sights and met some wonderful people.

Below is Barb and Sal Contreras,owners of Hacienda Contreras RV Park.Sal was a lifesaver helping me build a lift kit for the new axles.

004 (21) 012 (24)

While at Hacienda Contreras I met authors Mike and Terri Church again after several years,having a nice visit.Also I had some very interesting neighbours who’s company I also enjoyed,Cathy and Rob Gillin from the U.S.

001 (37) 037 (4)

Then there was Michel from Quebec.He and his wife were heading for  Central America on an extended trip over the next year.And Franz and Gini originally from Germany,now living on Vancouver Island.Previous to that they lived in China for 10 years,teaching.Gini speaks many languages.

025 (10) 007 (36)

Both couples were my neighbours in Catemaco Veracruz and Palenque Chiapas.Through carelessness,I lost many photos from this time period as there were more interesting people,although my blog archives still have some of them I guess.

Then we cant forget Calvin,a long time resident of the the trailer park in Oaxaca,a Canadian Expat,who saved my bacon with the axle exchange.

001 (36)

Then in the States,and in Mexico,friends Barb and Jake from Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, who I hope to be making a connection with in a few weeks….And we cant forget the memorable 2 day visit with The Bayfield Bunch over at Borrego Springs…..Watch out guys,I may pull another sneak attack again this season.

023 (3)   033 (10)

Then on my final day before arriving home,fellow blogger Ivan from Roadtrip2010 made an overnight sneak attack on me at the Tulalup Casino in Marysville Washington,then again another visit this past Saturday afternoon at my home.

001 IMG_2190

Ivan is a National Park Ranger based at Lake Louise and right now he is wrestling with retirement plans and hopes to be on the road south in a couple of weeks.

IMG_2191 IMG_2193

So with the final shot of Ivan departing down my street…I hope also to reconnect with him this winter.We had a nice 2 hour visit where he also had a chance to watch his beloved Saskatchewan Roughriders go down to defeat in a very entertaining football game….Am I a jinks?Heh heh!:)…..I guess it’s payback time after the Thanksgiving turkey that the B.C. lions delivered yesterday. Talk about trying to lose:(

So my plan is to head out this coming Friday,travelling through Washington/Oregon/southern Idaho,over to Utah, and check out a few of the National Parks before the snow flies.Time is running out already,this being the reason for an earlier than usual departure this year.

Eventually I plan on working my way over to Texas starting with Corpus Christi on the Gulf followed by the Rio Grande Valley.That is if the good people of Texas will allow me to be a “Winter Texan” for a few months. Stay tuned.


  1. Can't wait to read and see your winter wandering's.

  2. Great Willy, will anxiously await your progress on your newest adventure, but remember there is crime in the States too, just be careful out there, Like Sgt Esterhaus used to say.Also be safe out there. Sam & Donna

  3. Welcome back! Looking forward to your new adventures. Glad to see you blogging again.

  4. Hey Willy,
    If I'm still stuck at Camping World (I hope not) when you go through Idaho, give me a shout. There's a free overnight spot here for you. :)

  5. Glad to see you back in blogland, Willy! I think you are making a wise choice by opting to give Mexico a skip this year. Hopefully, some day, someone will get that situation under control so it is safe again for travel.

    The odds are with you this year as far as breakdowns go. You had enough problems last year to last most RV'ers a lifetime.

  6. We are skipping Mexico as well this year and just might run into you in the Southern USA. We have not written Mexico off 100% and if the temperatures are too chilly for us in the USA, we just might make a turn South and head for the Yucatan where things are still safe. It is just the getting there and leaving parts I am nervous about.

    Keep on truckin' Willy and we will see you gown the road.

  7. Glad to see you emerging from hibernattion once again. Had a feeling you might be re-considerting Mexico this year. If it wasn't for all the drug stupidity going on we would probably head down to Mexico for a bit too. Chances are we may cross paths again this winter somewhere in Arizona or California:)) And I'll bet that's the same red sweater/jacket you were wearing on your morning Borrego walks.

  8. Hi Willy,
    You know that you are welcome anytime here in TX.
    I have 30 amp/water, and a dump, if you need a place to overnight, or two, or three!
    Just a Texan with a British Passport, extending good ole Texas hospitality.
    Have a safe trip.
    Happy Trails, Penny, Lake Conroe,TX

  9. A great post and am looking forward to reading about you adventures this winter. Stay safe.

  10. Well, ya got me on that 'red sweater' one alright. Hadn't even recognized one of my own photos!!

  11. Have happy safe travels papa ,looking forward to reading about ur adventures.
    carly kyle chloe nate

  12. Hi, Willy! We,too will not be going to MX this year and will hang out in maybe AZ/NM, possibly some TX. We've spent so much time on the road in Eastern Canada, plus we've gotta begin to explore home base possibilities...We'll keep an eye out for you!