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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Beaumont Provincial Park...Fraser Lake

Another 8 a.m. start from 10 mile yesterday and wouldn't you know it...just as I was driving out I saw quite a bit of bird activity and some interesting colors of yellow flitting around the site...too late to stop...blocking the time.
It was another nice sunny day as I headed toward Prince George...Light traffic,the way I like it but there has been a lot of road construction all along highway 97 the past 2 days...make hay in the short season I guess.No rough stuff to drive over,just small delays.I was glad I was using my Garmin255w as I entered Prince George because there was plenty of road construction right at the intersection of highway's 97 and 16,and without it would have missed the confusing turn off.
Below is a quick bathroom break in front of the big Harley-Davidson shop in the southern outskirts......hey! Another silver bullet Tundra parked next to me.

Below is one example of the countryside west of Prince George.Most of the area is forest,but this farm was a nice break in the scenery.I'm trying "on the go out the window shots"which is a dangerous practice I guess,but sometimes its difficult to stop for a pic.

Coming into Vanderhoof just after the sign in the first pic.I don't see the camera picking up all the windshield bugs,so that's a good thing.

The landscape is getting a little more mountainous as I near the Fraser Lake area and my stop for the day.I arrived at the campground just before noon.I've had enough driving for awhile,2.5 days of it with the very tiring trip home and back on Monday from Tunkwa with only 2 hours sleep the night before.I seem to have a hard time sleeping prior to a travelling day.

The Provincial Park,"Beaumont"is a well wooded 49 site campground on the eastern shore of Fraser Lake.When I arrived,the place was pretty well deserted but filled to over half full with overnighters by 7pm.
Its a well treed campground....very hard to see your neighbors....I like that.
I'm going to spend a few days here and today take a day trip up to Historic Fort St. James.A new "National Historic Site Visitor Center"just opened up this year,so may check that out.They say to give yourself at least 2 hours to really take in everything,so we will see.....Can I hold it that long?Heh Heh!

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  1. Hi dad, checkin in on ya...hope all is well with you. Nice clear pictures :) You like the new camera I take it :) looks like the weather is holding out for ya. That thunderstorm here last sunday night, was a bit creepy, lots of flashing, and grumbling, I had 3 scaredy cats under my bed hiding. Happy travels I will check back soon

  2. We loved beaumont. Stayed there 11 years ago in tent, the little beach was great. I picked up you blog off another rv blog. Keep up the good writing. Brings back lots of memories of when I was working in PG and travelling to all these places.