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Monday, July 20, 2009

Seeley Lake Provincial Park near Hazelton B.C.

Yesterday when I set out from the Fraser Lake campground,I was only going to travel some 220k's to Tyhee Lake P.P. at Telkwa,near Smithers,but although it was a nice campground and almost empty,I couldn't justify paying $22. per night.So since it was only noon when I arrived,I had some lunch and moved on figuring another 1.5 hours would get me to Seeley Lake PP.This was a good choice because at $15.per night it was even nicer and also almost empty although there are are only about 20 sites.
This small park is in a real pretty setting with a large mountain to the south.I starting getting into the mountains back at Smithers.I meant to stop there as it seemed like a very pretty city,decked out with a Swiss appearance to its downtown.
Below is a view from my campsite here at Seely.
Its a small lake ringed with reeds.Isn't that a relaxing scene?

Every time I looked up during my set-up,I would see the 2 fishermen below catching a trout,so when I was done I sat and watched for a while through the binoc's and it was obscene.......they were catching big fat trout constantly,several times they both had one on the line at the same time........It was good to see them releasing them for another day.....I haven't seen fishing like that for a long time.

Check out this "Monster Truck Camper" up the road from me.I've seen smaller versions, usual people from Europe,but this one had California tags.Sure was a stinky diesel as he passed through twice before picking his site.

This interesting sign at the entrance seems to spell Seeley differently from the park sign in my first pic.(Sorry Kathy,I know you had this pic in your blog also)

And now a few practice bird shots,but I think I need some help with the ident's.
This is either a Least or Western Sandpiper,All I know is that he was very tiny and noisy.Some help please.

These were taken at Fraser lake.

And I believe this is a Song Sparrow,below.

So today I go back into Hazelton and and Old hazelton to find the large group of totem poles that is so famous.Something I've wanted to see for years.
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  1. Great pics - thanks for posting them. Sure looks like a nice campground, I'll definitely put that one on our list of places to stay.

  2. Bill....glad you liked that campground as much as we did! Your shorebird is a Spotted Sandpiper. You are right on with the Song Sparrow....was he hanging around the viewing platform? Think there was a nest apologies needed about posting a picture of that sign is a message that needs spreading! Kathy