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Friday, July 24, 2009

No Rain In Prince Rupert This Day....And Just For Me.

In my last blog post I said I was going to Kitimat that day....well....I lied...I realized that if I wanted to see Prince Rupert on a Sunny day,I better strike whilst the iron is hot.So trust me....Kitimat is back on the front burner for last day in this area.The above photo is of the Skeena river about 75 Kilometers upstream from Rupert......Man this is a big impressive river.....literally hundreds of fisherman were lining the banks as I came out of Terrace....and this went on for many miles.....must be a big salmon run .
Prince Rupert is on an island,(Kaien Island) and when I crossed the Galloway Rapids bridge and on to the Island,I thought I was just crossing a river at the point where it enters a lake,as I was still out in the wilderness,with no city in sight.But found that the lake was really Wainwright Basin,and the salt chuck...then I continued to drive through small lake country,one with a Provincial Park campground,then all of a sudden a sign proclaiming that I was entering Prince Rupert......Yup...A McDonald's..Civilization.

I drove straight up the main street,still highway 16,and my first impression was,wow...this place is bigger than I thought....I drove until the road ended at the ferry dock..You can see a B.C. ferry in the second photo.Don't know which one.
This is the fisherman's docking area next door to the B.C. and Alaska ferry dock.

Parking was at a premium so little time was spent looking around and taking photo's,so I headed back up town and parked,deciding to get out and walk around with camera,feeling like and looking like some jerkwater tourist.Below is the front of City Hall.

And a street scene along the centre of the 3 main streets that run the length of the downtown.Actually I'm doing justice with these pic's because most of the downtown when you really get and and pretty shabby,with many store fronts empty, in fact I even felt a little uncomfortable walking some of the streets when hearing footsteps behind me,as the downtown outside of a couple of blocks was pretty quiet.
How many people do you see in the pic below?

Well it was lunch time,so I dropped into Timmy"s for lunch and tried their chicken wraps...It, like all Tim Hortons was fairly busy...With all the rain this place gets,not too many tanned faces, as I looked around while waiting for my order.....just the natives....not a racial slur,just had to inject a little humor....Its my blog I can say what I want.
Time to gas up at the Chevron(my preference)Funny they are only in B.C. as far as Canada is concerned,unless times have changed since my last for- aye out onto the prairies.Heading back out of town and off the island,I went into Port Edward for a look see and took this photo of a large cannery,only about 1/3 of it shows in the photo.

And finally a final shot(below) of the Skeena river about 50 k's upstream,it gets to be more than 5 K's across in these lower areas and I noticed the tidal waters start showing up about 75 K's upstream.Its a beautiful drive all the way from Terrace,over 200K's. Reminds me a bit of the north side of the Fraser from Hope to Agassiz,only the mountains are prettier with quite a bit of snow even down to the road in patches and the altitude over this stretch is only 150 meters.On a sunny day this trip is a must.

I didn't make it all the way back to Terrace before,with eye's drooping,turned into one of the many pullouts and climbed into the passenger seat....reclined it...and....zzzzzzzzzzzz.Got back to camp around 5pm,a long day,but worth it.

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