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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Change In The Weather--Hunker-Down Time

After 4 days of hot sunny weather,yesterday started with high thin cloud but stayed warm,then at suppertime.....bam!The rains came.... and came....all night.One good more dust for awhile and that's a good thing cuz some of the yahoo's around here think this is the Indy 500.Trouble is they will probably be back by the weekend when it turns hot and dry again.

So we went from this.....


Its not really all that bad,I just like to exaggerate.
Its at least quiet around here today with just a hand full of campers,about 15 spread out around the park.Half of them are comprised of family groups together.They use group sites like the pic below where they can circle the wagons and have the tables and fire-pits in the middle.There are quite a few of these group sites around the park,mostly near the water.
For those of you unfamiliar with this area,you will notice in all the photo's just how many lodge pole pines have been killed by the pine beetle,such a shame as this was a nice wooded campground years ago,now only one site has shade.

Here is another view of the park(below) taken this past weekend.Its a spit that is popular with the boaters.I expect it will be full again this weekend as the weatherman says its going to turn hot again into the 30's(C). Tomorrow I'm off to Kamloops for a little day trip.I'm signed up for 4 more days here, then next week may day-trip home to deal with some business,then maybe head north later in the week into some uncharted Willy Wanderings.Its only in the thought process right now but I've never been to Prince Rupert.My Parents lived there back in my Air force days when I was out of the country,so never got to visit that area.

I know I have more than 8 come on some of Willy proud and add yourself to the right corner of the obscene pics tho. camera buffs out there....why is so much purple showing up in some of my pic's all of a sudden?Never did that before...I'm always on an auto setting.


  1. Not sure about the magenta coloring in the pictures but if your using a photo program like Picasa3 just hit "Auto Color" & that should fix it. If the problem persists you might want to check your camera manual for something called White Balance & see what it says........

  2. LMAO dad, I loved the pic's for "we went from this".
    Enjoy your campin fun and bloggin :)) I will keep checking in.