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Thursday, July 30, 2009

One Hour "South of 60" And Still No Heat Relief.

Another 8a.m. take off on Tuesday, to start the 2nd half of the Cassiar,actually its called the Stewart/Cassiar Highway I believe.As I left Kinaskan Park and followed the lake shore northward,the climb started into the high country.You could see the mountains had less of a snow patch as I travelled away from the coastal range.It was so nice just to drive a quiet highway and take in all fantastic scenery.Speaking of highway...It was starting to deteriorate a bit...not as wide....not as smooth..choppy,dippy...sort of like the Mexican roads without the potholes.The top photo is a view of the Stikine Valley and river,another big one that I learned about in school and now am finally getting to see,like the Skeena and Bulkley a few days before.The shot below is Knat lake just before the town of Dease Lake.I had to stop and walk back a get a shot of this vista.The picture doesn't do it justice.This is moose country......but no meese's were found.
Ok you experts....whats this flower on the side of the road?There were many at this stop,growing at the edge of the pavement.
One thing I missed was having a good look at Mount Edziza,a 2728 meter extinct volcano,that's just over 9000 ft.I caught a glimpse of it by accident in my side mirror and was hoping for a pull off that afforded a good look but never saw the mountain again.It was a beautiful sight all covered in snow glistening in the sunlight.

A gas top up at Dease Lake was next...These places are where you find out that the "hoard" is still out there,even though you are travelling a lonely highway in the middle of nowhere...thinking that you are all alone.....when you want does everyone else at the same time.This little Indian town with just one gas bar/grocery store was the hub of activity as locals and the travelling public,all seem to converge at the same time.5 minutes later and I would have been stuck behind a small caravan of r.v's waiting at the pumps.After Dease Lake ,came the road construction,first a wait,then mud,lots of mud,then the dusty stretches,lots of dust......and coupled with the rising temperature,made for the beginning of an uncomfortable next couple of hours,but alas.....around 1pm,I arrived at my dusty little oasis of a Provincial Park Campground....and yes some open sites along the lake.....what a beautiful turquoise colored lake!Here's a nice site just waiting for someone..below.

I took the first one I came to...I wasn't going to take any chances,so here I am finally set-up,even with my own little swimming beach.Just as I finished backing in,along came another rig that parked next door...They where a nice couple from Tampa Bay Florida in a after setting up we got together for an extended "happy hour"and exchanged info as they were heading south,so we all learned valuable info on what to expect in our travels.

I decided with all this heat that I need to take another day's rest and this was a good spot to do it.I sorta like the travel for 2 days/stop for 1 idea,its worked well in the past. So below is Willy, thinking.......should I go for a swim?This is a northern lake....The ice probably just came off a couple of months ago.

HEY! This is not so bad....not cold at all.

AHHHHH! Relief from the heat....and crystal clear water too.....

That brings me to this morning....just coming up on 5a.m. as I write this and the trailer hasn't cooled off much and everything that open....So in a couple of hours I hit the road again and after an hours drive, will be "North Of 60"and into the far do I have to go to get cooler temps you ask?.....well Whitehorse topped 30 yesterday,that's getting close to 90f and we were the same here....Maybe the north pole.......stay tuned..................Hey all you people back home reading this....I know its hotter where you are, so stop complaining Willy.Yesterday Chilliwack broke a record at just under 36 with a humid-ex of 42.....shades of Ontario in other years....not this year tho....I feel for them.......a little.....(insert smile :)


  1. Oooh that dip in the lake looks so refreshing. What a nice campsite you have. I'm enjoying your trip too.. I read your blog everyday and am enjoying the pics.

    We're having a heatwave here in the lower mainland too. Wish Toronto would give us back our rain.

  2. Bill, that flower is 'Fireweed' it is the official flower of the Yukon. It is miserable here although we had thunder all night and into this morning so it is a little cooler 25c 'as we speak' at 10:00 am....but of course the humidity is even higher now....we're staying home this long weekend 'cause there is just no where to go to get away from the heat!


  3. Looks like your having yourself a fine trip there Willy. It has been a cool summer here in Ontario this year & that has been a welcome change from the hot humid weather we usually get. Nice pictures your taking there too......

  4. does look like a nice cool place for a dip...I am happy to see your enjoying your trip. Keep smiling, and happy travels. bye bye for now