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Friday, July 10, 2009

Playing With The New Canon SX10IS Camera

After several hours of on- line research and a little advise from some follower friends,I knew exactly which replacement camera I wanted,so a quick trip back down to Kamloops yesterday morning, had Willy at the door of future shop right at opening time,just "champing at the bit."It didn't take long and I was out the door with camera,a bag,and a couple of s.d. cards and a much lighter wallet.(By the way,London Drugs price was higher.)
That top pic was one of the first experimental shots on this very dark cloudy day.Its a big "Uke"truck and shovel used locally in the copper mining operation near the town of Logan Lake,which is just a 20 minute drive from my campsite.I parked the Silver Bullet close to it to show the size.Not as big as the Sparwood B.C. uke but big enough.
I had an awful time figuring how to use this camera cold without taking the time to read the instruction book, which I planned on doing when I got back to camp.Damn viewer wanted me to enter time and date and I just wanted to snap a few.Then a few minutes of cursing because It showed nothing until I found the lens cap still on........sheesh!...Shhhhhh.

Not the best day for picture taking but maybe its a good test of the auto setting.Above is the west end of Logan Lake,right in the town itself.Business's just across the road.'s a test of the X20 optical zoom on this camera.....the next 3 pic's taken from the same spot at the west end of the lake looking to the far end where is situated a nice little private campground.I figure its a good kilometer away.

Mid zoom below.

Then full zoom x20 with no digital zoom added Below.

So now I start the long learning practice and start hunting down some birds.I noticed the other day that several Mountain Bluebirds are hanging around my campsite,but they are always on the go and never keep still long enough to get a pic,although last night I got 2 pic's at about 30 yards in poor light....I haven't had a chance to download them yet.

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  1. Congrates on the new camera Bill....have fun with the bird pictures! I've been meaning to ask you...have you seen any Loons there at Tunkwa? Especially any young ones?