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Friday, July 17, 2009

My Daytrip To Historic Fort St. James.

Yesterday was a cloudy but warm and muggy day,a good day to day trip back along highway 16 almost to Vanderhoof,then take highway 27 north for 53 K's to Fort St. James on the south shore of Stuart lake,a lake about 40k's long.
I first stopped in just before town to check out the Provincial park campground at Paarens Beach(below)36 sites in 2 sections,$10. per night.One section of about 13 sites along the beach(all full)the rest of the campground almost empty.
The town reminds me of Lillooet,strung out along the lake,a mostly native(first nations) population.It has all the services including a Radio Shack(pardon,I mean The Source).
The town was founded back just over 200 years ago by Simon Fraser and John Stuart as a fur trading post.Below is a pic of the still used,built in 1873 church,being repainted.

Below is a small camping area in a larger, quite nice town park at the north end of town,just across the road from the church.

Here are a couple of street scenes taken from in front of the RCMP office,and looking in 2 directions.There are many of these logging trucks on the road up in this neck of the woods,makes me cringe every time one passes me.

Below is a wood carving in front of the RCMP office,there are several similar carvings throughout the town.

After taking these pictures I went over to the National Historic site and enjoyed an interesting tour of the old original fort.I will make a separate blog entry for this next time.On the way back I headed into Vanderhoof for a gas up and late lunch at at my old friend Albert&Walters place for another "mozza burger platter."Then found a Large Co-op store for grocery's....geeze! I haven't been in a Co-op since the 70's when we lived in Moose Jaw Sask.It brought back memories. On the way out of town I noticed 3 large trailers parked in a big truck parking area on the western outskirts.The writing on them caught my eye as they were the horse trailers for the RCMP Musical Ride,so had to stop and take a photo or 2.I did notice a sign in Fort St. James advertising the musical ride there today.

Had to say hi to the horses,surprisingly no-one seemed to be around,just the horses.

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  1. Thanks for the tour and the great pics. I live on Vancouver Island but I've never gotten around to getting up that way - I'll have to do that soon. Great blog - I'll be "following along" on your adventures.