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Thursday, January 7, 2010

5 Days Of Rain…I Hook-up To Leave And The Sun Comes Out.

Well,the title says it all,but I will give this beautiful place another try on the return leg.Most of the time there were only 2 of us here,one night 4,but the weather drove them further south.Compared to up north in the US,a few hundred miles from here,I have nothing to complain about,but their cold wave is having a bit of an effect on us and 5 days of 100% humidity is enough.The rain is just a soft saturation,I don't even hear it hitting the trailer roof,and usually I hear every rain drop on this vinyl roof like it was hail.

010-1  This is what the place has looked like all week until yesterday.A big lonely campground with no-one here,then yesterday afternoon the sun broke out and within an hour,in came 5 more rigs from the north,all looking for better weather.

Well I’m already hooked up and ready to go this morning so will stick to my plan and head further south even if today is supposed to have some sunshine in it.

I know…I know..All you folks back home feel real sorry for me having to endure rainy 65 degree weather in January.Jeeze! I’m further south than Cuba,Puerto Vallarta and Hawaii…..Give me a break!…….Enough funning…Yesterday as the clouds started to rise up a bit, giving me an idea of what this area looks like in the Sierra de Los Tuxtlas mountains. I drove around the lake a bit,through a few small villages where everyone stops to watch you go by,on a road so full of potholes that the potholes have potholes.But it was enjoyable.

007  I finally got a chance to take a picture of a “Cattle Egret” standing on the back of a cow.Usually I only see them on the ground beside the cattle and have been waiting to get a shot like this.

010 008 In fact there were several….And this girl on the right……Isn't that a face that only a mother could love?….Such contentment.

Back in Catemaco,I did some final wandering around, hitting the supermarket and bank before heading back to camp and hooking up for today's departure.

050 It really is a pretty lakeshore town.

049 035

And finally,all week long a big noisy bird has been coming to the tree above me and making all these weird sounds like the glug glug of water coming out of a bottle, along with a few squawks.The light has been so bad that when I try to get a look at it,its just a dark silhouette,even through the field glasses.Below are the best shots I could get.


Its a Montezuma Oropendola,note the two toned beak and the yellow on the tail.Its about the size of a Raven.

005 I want to thank the people who answered my identification question (Comments and E-mail) about the Little Green Heron.I should have known better,as I’ve seen them before at home.I guess it was the fact that I could almost walk up to this one and the Little Green’s back home, usually are difficult to get close to.

All of my travel today will be eastward due to the shape of this country.I’m already due south of Galveston Texas and Kenora Ontario.I will actually be travelling north when I reach the Yucatan peninsula.And I have been on Central time since the day I left Teacapan on the west coast,2 hours ahead of you at home…..And finally I’m 2636 miles,(4242km’s)from Vancouver,as the crow flies,and a heck of a lot more by road……..YOU BETCHA!


  1. You are having a great time, and even when you aren't you are having great blog-writing adventures. I wish I had my big old atlas with me so I could actually see the direction you are taking.

    Loved the picture of the white cow!

  2. Just keep following the sun, Willy, you'll find it eventually! Weather's great here in so. California - sure hope it continues.