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Monday, January 25, 2010

My Sunday Drive To South Padre Island Texas.


(I thought I would slip a little cheater picture in.)

Since I’m in a sit and wait mode and the weather here has been gorgeous,yesterday morning I decided to travel down the expressway toward the gulf coast and see South Padre Island,a place you don’t want to be at during spring break.It took about an hour on a beautiful 6 lane expressway,then another 4 lane secondary road,just south of Harlingen that takes you out to the coast at Port Isabel,a pretty little resort town of about 5000,on the mainland side.


Above as I enter the bridge approach at Port Isabel,which takes you over the Laguna Madre to South Padre Island.


About half way across as some of the hotels come into view.


Finally arriving,I turn south and end up in front of the US Coastguard gate.In trouble again,I had to back myself out of there amid some heavy exiting traffic.


Above is the rear of the KOA Campground nearby.It looks like a nice spot,but I bet its pricey too.

The day was quite windy here as I headed into town and drove down the nice clean wide main street,full of surfer swim shops and fast food restaurants.I was taken by the clean,modern appearance of this resort town.

A stop at one of the beach access spots between 2 of the big hotels,was my next objective,and there didn’t seem to be too many as the hotels and condo’s pretty much fill up the space.


Of course I had to dip the old shoe covered toes into the surf, as one week ago I was dipping my toe into the surf on the other side of the continent.Boy! A lot happens in a short week doesn’t it?

032 034It really is a beautiful beach with nice golden sand,but with the blustery wind and the almost 70 degree temps,it was a little cool.I saw more hoodies than bathing suits.

The other big reason for coming here outside of wanting to see the place,was the fact that one of the big birding centers is located here,which I’ll show tomorrow.

Finally a look at part of the bridge from a distance,taken from the top of the birding centre building.


041Of course before leaving I had to have my favorite junk food,a couple of chalupa’s from Taco Bell.

So there you have it,a nice easy blog entry to do,not much talk and a few photos.Its really difficult sometimes to get the shots you want as I see so many good shots while driving but no place to stop.



  1. Willy, I am glad to read this post because I can now cross South Padre Island off my list of places to visit. I think I'd rather be in Mexico.

    Do you have any idea yet how long you will have to wait for the axle?

  2. We drove Two thousand miles for reservation in the RVG...(Benson Palm RV Resort) We were turned away by their lovely staff because we had two young kids with us!!! And they are a "family" resort!?? I will never return to that park or the RVG. We were ready to purchase property but have changed our minds of even putting a dime into RVG. Thank goodness for wheels!! Hope to see you rolling soon!!

  3. Looks beautiful papa, Cant wait to see the bird center pictures... remember when I was a kid and we went to the island and there was that bird place with all those parrots ?? what was that called do u remember?

  4. Thanks for the tour of South Padre Island - it's another of those places that is on our list of "places we want to visit".

  5. Great photos Willy... Can't wait to see the bird ones. Hope your axle gets fixed soon!
    Have fun & travel safe!!!

  6. South Padre looks nice but I sure wouldn't want to spend any time there. Toooooo many people!! Somebody's liable to come along & make me wash the car & shine my shoes!!