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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Rain Soaked Sunday Morning Ramblings In Chiapas Mexico.

As I start my 4th day here at Maya Bell near the Palenque Ruins,I wonder if the rain will ever stop.Yes it is a tropical rain forest,but this is ridiculous.Even the howler monkeys have shut up….A little bit. 


I have been waiting for that perfect day before I go and see the famous ruins here.It’s what I came to see and I want the day to be perfect,so I may be here for awhile.

This is a campground like no other that I’ve been in before,in fact its more like a hippy enclave,maybe it is,but I’m enjoying the different experience in spite of the rain.

There are many rental cabanas nestled in the forest here along with these palapa’s shown in the photo’s above and below.These tenter palapas are full of young people from all over the world.Mostly young women,and when they walk by,you don't know what language to use to say good morning,although I’m sure many speak English.In particular there is a very pretty 30 something Japanese girl who has been travelling the world on her own for 2 years now.I would like to get a picture and talk with her but am a little shy about approaching her and coming across as some kind of a“Tyrone Horny”from TV’s “Laugh In.”

There is an international airport in Palenque,so its easy for people to get here to see the Mayan ruins.Many of the visitors here at Maya bell are from Europe,and many tour buses go through each day.


There is live music every evening and its very good,I believe its being done by the young visitors here.It goes from about 8 pm until about midnight.Its sort of a gathering of everyone to get to know each other.I must stop going to bed early and get with the scene.

I’m gathering most of my info from my next door neighbors,a very nice German Canadian couple from Surrey BC,who have been coming here for the past 12 years and are a valuable source of information.They have been here 6 weeks now and are leaving tomorrow.I will miss them,they are a fun pair.

With all these dark drizzly days,Its even difficult to get any good bird photos,as these large stands of bamboo are just crawling with birds.A person doesn't even realize how full of activity these trees are until you just sit and watch as they silently move about.

Below in the foreground are stands of bamboo forming an arch over each camping site.The birds really seem to like the bamboo.


Here are a few I was able to capture as they are always on the move.

Below is a “Yellow throated Euphonia”..Its back is actually blue,but with the poor light and angle,is hard to notice.


Below is a “Squirrel Cuckoo,”a fairly large bird that actually glides through the tree’s like a squirrel from branch to branch.In fact at first when I saw the movement,I thought it was a squirrel.It has quite a long tail.Again not a good angle for the photo.


Lastly an almost silhouette shot of a “Brown Jay”.Please come out Mr. Sun.


I really like this place and would like to spend some time here if  the weatherman should cooperate.The rent is cheap with full hookups,less than $13.00 CDN a day.Even with its dreariness,its a magical place.My neighbor says he’s seen the howlers come right out into the trees above us in the full moonlight and says if I think they are noisy off a ways,wait until they are right above you.

The thoughts of visiting the Yucatan next door are waning,as I really cant get too excited about travelling another 1000 mile round trip across flat scrub land,just to visit a few nice beach campgrounds that will probably be crowded anyway,so I may just work my way back home from here by a different route through the mountains.

I haven't decided whether to go up into Texas or back into New Mexico.I would like to see San Antonio Texas,and the Alamo.Even my Toyota Tundra was built there.I would like a factory tour but hear its out of bounds.  


And finally I’d like to thank Gini above for keeping me posted on the situation in the Yucatan,as they carry on in their camper.Gini and Franz are from BC at present,living somewhere on Vancouver Island.I didn't get where.

They are a German couple who are well travelled, as they recently spent 10 years working in China.Gini speaks several languages fluently,including Chinese of course.Maybe I’ll still be here when you guys come back through this way…A really great couple.

So blog readers,bare with me and maybe the rain will stop and I can get out and see this fantastic area.


  1. I'd wait it out a little longer and skip the Yuctan. That looks like a beautiful place. So here's to the sun coming out for you, and a little warmer days and nights for Savannah, GA.

  2. Hey Willy, we'll send you down some Arizona sunshine if you'll send us up some warmer Mexican temperatures & a big truckload of that green jungle stuff.

  3. What fantastic photographs! It all look so gorgeous there. contrast that with the weather we are getting here. Snow, more snow,flurries,ice, snow

  4. Sure looks nice where you are now. As long as the temperature is good, rain is not too bad. Hope it clears for you though so you can see the Ruins.

  5. Willy if you decide to skip the Y let me know and I can tell you of a few places in that area that I really enjoyed Les

  6. Willy, RE the Toyota Plant in San Antonio: it is five miles from an RV park (Hidden Valley RV Park) and has scheduled tours. The number to call for tours is 210-263-4002 and you can read a little more info at this blog:
    PS Love the place you're at and photos are great!

  7. Thankyou very much Mark and Teri,and welcome aboard.