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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Sunday Afternoon Stroll Along the Lakeside Malecon Of Catemaco


The drizzle was finally easing off in the late afternoon,so with raincoat and camera,I headed down to see,Whatup in this town.

Again I’m finding another pretty little resort city,and on a Sunday afternoon most of the town is on the Malecon because that's where the action is.

I met my campground neighbor Michel,from Quebec,doing the same thing so we strolled along together taking in the sights and people watching.

025 of course we had to take each others picture on scene.Michel and his wife are on a slow trek to South America with their Pop Top Van Conversion.He’s quite an interesting fellow to talk to.

026  These nice little outcroppings along the Malecon are really nice,with restaurants and boat rentals to go out and see the monkeys on one of the islands.

032  One of the restaurants with egrets on the roof.And below is a look inside one of several lakeside restaurants that are built out over the nice all this would be on a sunny day,but this is the rain forest country.Thank goodness it is warm.

034 There are quite a few people in there,but all are sitting out, overlooking the lake.

Below is one of the many bars and hotels across the road from the Malecon.

021 Identify?

031 I stopped to watch and photograph this bird,but I’m having trouble with identification.It seems to be a Kingfisher of some kind or a Mot Mot.It acts like a Kingfisher, but its the short stubby tail that confuses me.None of the Kingfishers in the bird book have a tail like this.Any ideas anyone?

Further along Michel and I came upon this gold statue.

047  Then shortly after,we came across another gold statue of a cowboy,and kids were getting their pictures taken beside it…………Then to my surprise,it moved…..revealing a real person who did very good mechanical movements.With his gold painted face and hands,he had me fooled until he moved.


038 040 He was really good, and amused the crowd.Making the kids jump and run,never saying a word or changing expression.

And speaking of kids,this cute little girl was clowning to the cameras further along.She posed nicely for Michel,but when I tried to get a shot,she ran to mama’s side.Must be my FUR FACE.


As I write this blog entry in the middle of the night,the rain has been thundering down for the last 3 hours.The windows are open and its mild and fresh,but enough is enough.Yesterday was mostly light mist to light drizzle,so I took advantage of the washer and dryer 50 yards away,to get caught up on my “ropa sucia.”

We have doubled in population here in the campground as 2 more couples have arrived since my grand entrance on Saturday.(Wrong way Willy strikes again).So now we have one Ontario rig,one Quebec,and 2 BC’ers.

The weekly rate here sort of trumps the daily,so despite the rain,will probably stick it out.It is a nice area with plenty to see,but some dryness would be nice.


  1. We have those birds here and refer to them as "Green Herons."

    Even though its wet there, it still looks like a great place to be. :)


  2. Better wet than cold! You are seeing a part of Mexico that doesn't often get featured, at least in blogs that I read. Thanks for a different look into Mexico.

  3. Another great look at small town Mexico, thanks Willy. I do get all your comments by gmail, o.k. so it doesn't matter when you post them - thanks, by the way. The daily rate at Pismo Coast Village is $40 during the winter months which is a little higher than we normally like, but for just a few days it's definitely worth it.

  4. If you get some time stop by The hope Children's Mission (Esperanza Mision De Ninos)
    The mission is locared a couple of blocks in back of the church at #50 Mina My names is Jim I am currently in Chicago at the moment but will be in Catemaco Jan 24th. I moved to Catemaco in 2005 and actually stayed where you are now. Started the mission and the rest is history. Stop by and see Belem the director and she will give you a tour, she speaks english

  5. We too have been on the road the last couple of days - Gads I dislike "the outbound trip". We're "Pemexing" tonite. Glad to see ya made it to Gene's. Obviously my dear hubby mustn't have told ya "The Second Entrance" and/or Gene took down the sign. Nonetheless, from your pics it looks like you're not in "our space" where we poured the concrete with the huge tree perfect for hanging hammocks! Two more drive days and we'll have internet for a few days. Whilst there say hi to Bev for us! and of course Gene & Gaby. Nite, Nite. P.S. do ya ever go back a few days to see your comments?

  6. Yes Cathy,I do.Keep the comments coming.Where are you heading?

  7. HI PAPA!
    looks like ur having a great time.. you should totally take the boat over and see the monkeys i bet it would be one heck of an experiance. All is well back home
    i emailed u some pics of the kids
    have fun and be safe
    luv ya

  8. Ps. that little girl is adorable