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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Willy Has A Big Problem.

This is a notice that my blog may be mostly inactive for the next week or so as I have a lot of travelling to do.Yesterday I broke an axel on the trailer and 2 attempts by the locals have failed to repair it,so this morning I will drop the axel and head for Texas with just the truck,carrying the broken axel with me,so that I make sure my replacement axel is exactly the same.

This is an ALKO KOBER torsion style and comes in many sizes.

I’m presently in a small town called Zanatepec Oaxaca on Mex 200.I was only on the road for a little over an hour from Puerto Arista,my last stop,and had just crossed into Oaxaca when I stopped at this Pemex on the outskirts,and lucky for me an attendant noticed my wheel looked funny,angled in and rubbing on the frame.At first I thought I was in another scam where one person refuels while the other distracts me by getting me away from the pump,but he looked honest and I was thankful for his concern and pointing this out.

The tire shop across the road spent several hours trying to line up the break and weld it.We thought he was successful until we put the weight of the trailer back down and it cracked.I was then directed to another shop in town on 3 wheels,where he inserted a rod inside the break and re-welded,but the alignment was poor as I found out after paying him and leaving.I parked back at the Pemex to wash up and eat something when I looked and found it was still rubbing.

So here I am tucked into a corner of the Pemex,(a 24 hour),under a nice bright light.The local police came around when he saw my satellite dish,so i asked him to keep a watch out for my trailer while I’m gone.The fellow from the tire shop across the road  is going to help me drop the axel this morning and I’ll be on my way to the RGV near McAllen Texas,its about a 1500k drive from here and I think I’ll take the fast route up Mex57,not too many tolls and all Quota highway,once I get back over to the gulf coast.

I will take my laptop with me, to keep in touch if possible with family and friends by e-mail,if I can find wifi.


  1. Oh no, that is not one of your usual good happenings!! This can truly be called a 'nasty break.' Must have been those hidden Mexican speed bumps you mentioned earlier. Hope your trailer remains safe while you skip up to Texas & back. We'll be keeping an eye out for you here in blogland Willy. Take care......

  2. hi there...look forward to all the pics of your travel. nice blog you have here! all the best!

  3. I hope you get that sorted out pretty quickly. Lucky that the attendant saw it. I hope everything comes out alright.

  4. Safe travels and hope the axel gets repaired quickly with no surprises.

  5. That's really tough luck Willy. I sure hope everything works ok. Safe travels.

  6. Sorry to hear about this and good luck and be safe on the road...I don't know why my e mails are not coming to you, I have sent you a message on, be safe, best wishes Les

  7. gez papa u sure have had ur fair share of troubles this trip.. drive safely and dont worry about us back home everything is fine here same ol same ol with grandma and everyone else is fine to

  8. good luck Willy. That's a long way to go for a part!

  9. A breakdown is never fun, but in MX presents many opportunities to look on the bright side and pat yourself on the back for getting out of it! Good luck.

    Have been scanning your blog and love it, will have to read from the start. KEEP IT UP, please!

  10. I sure hope that you have a good trip, Willy.
    There are a lot of the RV-Dreamers in the RGV right now, and I am sure some of them would like to help you, if they can.
    It is a shame you can't get one locally, but that's the way it goes.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX