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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Back On The West Coast….Puerto Arista,Chiapas.

010 Is it the west coast or the south coast?Mexico runs east to west here,so since leaving the east coast and the Gulf Of Mexico,I’ve been generally travelling south to get back to the west coast.Confusing isn’t it.This is also the narrowest point between coasts at just over 100 miles and I cant wait to get to the La Ventosa area where the winds are so violent crossing the isthmus  that there is an RV Awning cemetery in the area.Of course I jest,but I have mine tied down in preparation.

This location is just about 125 miles from Tapachula and the Guatemalan border.


Jose’s campground here is a pleasant little tropical spot,not known that well to the Rving crowd,although most don't come down this far.There are a few of us here,but it seems almost empty because of the size of this coconut plantation.


See what I mean? Its run by an expat Canadian and is located just a blog off this beach.

004 005

See how crowded it is at 3pm on Saturday,as we first look west then east.


Maybe its the extremely warm water on a hot day,(high 80’s)or the violent surf and undertow.Great for surfing and boogie boarding,but not for me.


I guess I’ll put up with it for a few days,I mean sheeesh! Look at the crowded main street of this little seaside village.


Have I got you salivating yet?Well seriously,its OK but I may spend a few days enjoying the heat again after 2 weeks of cloud and drizzle.

It was a short trip yesterday down from my last stop at the orphanage,in fact I found a another new toll road not on the new map,which took me quickly down to the coast.

I arrived before noon and spent a few hours setting up.It took longer because of my damn satellite setup.I had my internet up and running in short order,but no Star-Choice TV showed up on my combination set up.I figured it was all the coconut palms,so got out my align-a sight tool and it showed a clear shot.I even dug out my Star-choice dish and set it up,to no avail.Then it dawned on me,I must have finally run out of the footprint of the signal,even though the night before just 3 hours away,I had a strong signal.(further north)

One more point about this campground,(It is In Church’s Book)the electricity is sparse,being a couple of long extension cords from a shack nearby,I got one and found the voltage too low to run my microwave last night…..Sheesh, hard times.

By the way,there is a huge lagoon just a few yards away from me,for some birding and a nice cooling breeze did come off the ocean in the afternoon.Its nice to get back into the swim trunks again as a main wearing apparel.

An interesting tree that I have noticed in this area.Don't know what those are,maybe dried up flowers?


 MY LOCATION on the Datastorm users map.


  1. Sometimes you have it so tough! Do you have a geneerator for when the electricity is two extension cords? I used the genny all last summer but even at that didn't like to use the microwave very much.

  2. Thanks for sharing all the info and pictures about another part of Mexico that we never see.
    Have you been trying some of the food?

    The campgrounds all look so interesting.

    Was that a private orphanage or govt. run?

  3. Nice new header picture Willy! Thanks again for another tour of a new part of Mexico. Personally, I'd probably be a little nervous in a big campground like that with no one else around - glad you seem to be ok with it though.

  4. Sorry that you are having to do without! LOL ;) Wow, I just wish I could whizz over there! It looks absolutely idylic to me! Not another soul in sight and those empty beaches! Wow, I would be running from one end to the other just in sheer joy!

  5. Enjoy those warm sunny days back to normal here in SMA, I did e mail you, hope it came through, be safe Les

  6. Answers;Gypsy,yes I have a generator,but didnt want to disturb the people in the tent beside me.
    Kelly,I dont know how this orphanage system works but this is the 2nd one I've stayed at that operates this way.The other was on the Baja.Its a US non profit corporation with no paid employees,operating out of Salem Oregon.
    Rick,actually there were about 6 other campers,I was showing just a little of the unoccupied camping spots.
    Les,I didnt get an E-mail.