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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Part 2..The Ancient Mayan City Of Palenque…My Visit.


This winding path was my route back toward the campground and is still part of the ancient Mayan site.It follows the stream down off the bluff where the main city complex is located.


It was a fantastic walk through the jungle forest that I would like to share with few words and more photos.If you add the sound of the birds of this region,with their strange tropical sounds,then for me it was the icing on the cake.


Plants growing out of tree trunks and a tree so large,I estimate over 10 feet wide at the base.

 055  056

Then part way down I came to the ruins of the residential subdivision,nicely situated below the waterfall shown above.

Then across a bouncy suspension bridge.Great for taking pictures from,until some other person steps onto it just as your clicking your shot.

062 063 

These pools of crystal clear water are deep enough for swimming in,but is restricted now because of abuse.


And finally back out onto the road just a couple of hundred yards from the Maya Bell campground.Across the road from this exit is the main tourist staging point with a beautiful Museum,restaurant,souvenir store among other things.Below is a shot of the Museum building.


And inside, some of the artifacts on display.


Including a tomb.


With a final look at the rest of the complex below,with the museum through the trees in the background.

After 3 and a half hours on my feet with all the hiking and climbing…….I was dog tired but really satisfied with another great Mexican experience.



  1. There are so many theories about why these Mayan cities died out. I wish I knew the answer. Thanks for sharing your trip and for the wonderful pictures.

  2. What a fascinating journey..... you must feel fortunate to be able to walk amongst such history..

  3. Thanks for the tour, that was awesome! Hey Willy, how different (besides the climate) is this experience as compared to the Arctic Circle Trip?

  4. ANT-zee,its hard to put into words.Driving pressures here compared to the north country are one.Meeting many other travellers compared to being a bit of a loner in the northern campgrounds.
    I love the jungle mountain beauty and the wild coastlines,but for me the northern tundra will be foremost in my memories.