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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Puebla’s Cathedral Of The Immaculate Conception


Yesterday I mentioned on my tour of Puebla,that I wanted to separately feature this beautiful cathedral.I’m not Catholic,but was blown away by my tour inside.

The explanations are best done by a little cut and paste.




The shear size of this place was overwhelming.It must be at least 6 stories high.


There is so much fine detail everywhere you look.


Many famous paintings adorn the walls.


That central octagonal altar is really something with all the detail.


I took this photo above, standing about 3/4 the way back and this only shows 1/3 of the width of the cathedral.



Back outside looking from the plaza.


Below is another little piece of interest about the city and the reason for the famous Cinco de Mayo celebrations.Along with its more recent  history of European settlement.


All of these areas that I have travelled in the interior of this beautiful country,have impressed me.The look of affluence seems more noticeable then down along the west coast.

No longer do I see small towns with dirt streets and potholes big enough to swallow a car.Now I see all paved streets and nicer homes,even in the villages.

In Puebla the other day,even though I saw a few street beggars,everyone was well dressed,the cars were all newer models.I sat at the open door of the restaurant,and wasn't choking in blue exhaust.This must be the real Mexico.

Today I move on to the east and the gulf coast,first crossing more mountains,then I understand,a big drop down with some beautiful views.My next stop should be Catemaco on the shores of Lake Catemaco,near the coast but up at 1100ft,a nice change of altitude for me,as I have been constantly over 6400ft for over 2 weeks now,which shockingly showed a higher blood pressure reading when I checked it the other day.

And being that I’m on BP meds,it scared me when I went over 100 the other day.On line research did come up with some info telling that high altitude does raise it.More noticeable above 8000ft,where I did spend some time. Acclimatization among other things has it back at least into the low 90’s.Last summer it was so low that the doc had me cut the meds in half.Sure pays to have a monitor and keep a close watch.I wonder what it reads some days when I’m driving down here?……..I don't want to know.


  1. You have some really fine pictures of the inside of the cathedral.

    Take care of that blood pressure, although that would probably mean don't drive anywhere! Maybe a few more Tecates to relax?

  2. You know Willy if you keep posting great photos and news on this area I am just going to have to make a detour when I leave SMA next month and swing by that way before heading to the west coast, great blog....take care of your health.Les

  3. That's a spectacular Cathedral Willy and your pictures of it were just as good. The Mexico you are showing us sure isn't the place we are accustomed to seeing and hearing about. It sure looks beautiful and peaceful too - much like home as a matter of fact.

  4. Wow papa that is beautiful!
    Take care of that BP but have fun too!

  5. Great architecture & great exposures in the photos showing lots of detail. Say, that blood pressure sounds a bit like tire pressure. Don't go flat on us Willy......