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Sunday, January 24, 2010

My New Life In The RGV Of Texas.


To carry on from yesterdays arrival at the US Border crossing at Mission Texas,the line up was moving along quite quickly with 8 lanes and everyone jockeying for a lane as they came off the bridge.My last battle with the Mexican drivers for awhile.It took less than a minute for me at customs, with a quick look in the back and really no questions asked,just a passport readout,I guess.

So here I am,driving into an area that I’ve never been before,dog tired,hungry,trying to get used to more normal unaggressive divers around me again,its foggy,where do I go,I don’t even have a Texas road map…….AH! A McDonalds…A good place to start….With a “Big Breakfast”.

After wolfing down my breaky,I only had one thing on my mind as tired as I was.I must get this axel thing resolved because I don’t really know even if there is anyone here who can help me.Thank goodness for Miss Garmin,my trusty GPS,now back in the States,I can trust this wayward woman again.

I set her for the RV service that I found on line who handles this type of axel,and she took me to their door in about 20 minutes of drive time.They were sympathetic,but handed me off to a Spring and Axel place back about where I started.

Dragging my butt through the door of “Camco Wheel and Axle”(Hey! I finally spelled axle right)I found that both the owner and the number 1 guy were doing jury duty,and the replacement guy knew nothing.So I dropped off the axle with an explanation and told him I’ll come back in the afternoon,when the boss will be back.

007 Toyota Dealer across from where I’m staying.

My next order of the day was to get an overdue servicing on my Toyota Tundra even before finding a place to live,just in case I end up having to drive to another city to get this axle thing resolved.Well 3 hours and $400 later,I was finished with my 15000 mile service.Sheesh! I thought just buying this thing was the end of my big expense.(In Canada my first 4 services were supposed to be free according to my extended warranty purchase),but here its not honored.Oh well,at least I got some sleep in the waiting lounge.

And to top things off,I had to take it back the next day because they didn’t put enough oil in the crankcase.The dipstick was reading 1/3 when I checked it in the morning.Thank goodness they are just across the road.

Back to Camco spring and axle.The owner took the time to check everything,make a few phone calls and give me the news that Alko-Kober doesn’t stock any axles.They manufacture them on demand and it takes up to 2 weeks to receive them,depending on how they feel.Even a “trailer down”order doesn’t stir them up too much up in Oklahoma,where the nearest factory is.

The price for a brand new axle is I think reasonable at under $400 shipped,the price of a Toyota servicing,so I ordered 2.Who knows what shape the other axle is in.They have 11 well traveled years of wear and tear.


So now the waiting game begins as I make my adjustment from RV’er to living in a motel with a big tv and fast internet.I wish I had brought a few more things from the trailer in all the rush,as there is a microwave and fridge in the room.So I’m adjusting to save a few bucks by eating some meals in the room…….But yesterday I couldn’t resist trying a WHATTABURGER MELT,2 big greasy patties with grilled onions and melted cheese between 2 big slices of TEXAS TOAST!…..YEEEHAW….WELCOME TO TEXAS.


  1. After having been stuck eating Mexican food (which I don't like) I would have driven a thousand miles for a good old burg too!!

  2. Dang, Willy, I'm not sure I could handle your present challenges with such composure! A What-A-Burger would help though. ;)

  3. Try to enjoy your enforced stay and pretend you are a tourist doing the touristy things. Time will go faster that way.

  4. I get exhausted just reading about your trials and tribulations, Willy. I'd probably be thinking about a nice new motorhome by now!

  5. Well hopefully you will soon have all your axle problems taken care of... I know it is a pain but to each of us comes troubles... right? Have a super day my friend!
    Travel Safe

  6. You are going to get decadent during the next couple of weeks. Maids cleaning your room and bringing fresh linens, fast internet and big TV screen ... Just try to stay out of trouble :~)))

  7. Sounds like a nice place anyway, good luck with getting the axles, I hope they are faster than the service guy thought.
    Looking forward to your new adventures in Texas!!!