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Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Follow Up. Part 2… Of Willy Has A Big Problem.

On Wednesday morning,I was out the gate at 6:45,just in time to meet the morning rush hour as the main highway is a major boulevard through the city of Oaxaca.Its just a few blocks from the RV park.I climbed out into the hills above just as the sun was rising to give us an other beautiful warm January day,which would go into the 80’s.

At the first toll booth,the operator asked if I would give a ride to the policeman standing on the other side with his knapsack and heavy jacket on.I said sure and off we went.He was going to a city about an hour up the road.Poor guy,I hadn’t realized that he was wearing all these warm cloths and it was hot in the truck as I was just in a tee shirt and shorts.So he only got the benefit of the air conditioning for the last 15 minutes.(slap side of face Willy!)He was too nice to complain but when I asked him if he was hot,his answer came swiftly with a big “SI”.

Just after dropping off the policeman,I came across this beautiful view to the north of Mexico’s tallest mountain,Orizaba.


The Puebla to Veracruz highway that I would be connecting to in a short while,is at the base of the mountain in the foreground….Isn’t this just gorgeous country?

020 Here’s a close up.

Then a short while later,just before I was entering the city of Puebla,I could see the other big 2 between Puebla and Mexico City,with a fresh mantle of snow from the recent rain storms in this area.Remember Popo had no snow to speak of that day at the Cholula pyramid,when I took the photo with the smoke coming out.          


I was making good time as all the highways on this day will be toll roads and no getting lost,so I was ab027le to set the cruise to 110km and just fact I was starting to drive like a Mexican now,using some of their tricks which would probably get me pulled over anywhere else.

Next was back over the newly completed Mexico City Bypass called the “Arco Norte”,this was my second time on this route in a month.But this time it was a clear sunny day,not foggy like the last time,and you could really pinpoint exactly where Mexico City was to the south, as the heavy brown haze was easily seen.This is a westerly view,taken at about 7000 ft.

It was getting close to sundown when I got to the San Luis Potosí bypass,where I found a nice travel plaza with a few restaurants and bank ATM which I was looking for.The “Subway”looked like a good choice as I got a nice toasted sub and a big orange drink.All was quickly devoured and I was back on the road as the sun was setting.

Now everyone says that you shouldn’t drive in Mexico during the night because of all the road hazards,but this is Mexico’s big one,(Mex.57)the one from Mexico city to Monterey,and the US,which is well maintained.I’ve never seen so many rest pull off’s in my life. And the reflectors show a well marked highway,almost blinding me at times.

So from here,just south of Matehuala on,I saw nothing but road,I will plan my return so that this is travelled in daylight.I took 2 rest breaks of about an hour each for a back seat nap,then my eyes popped open and I was ready for the road again with the help of one “Circle K” coffee and another from “7-11”.I haven't tried one of the “Oxxo” convenience stores yet,which is Mexico’s big chain.And I see several “Italian Coffee”outlets cropping up along the highways.

At 6:45 am,exactly 24 hours and 1000 miles after leaving Oaxaca,I drove under the welcome to Reynosa sign,and right into their early morning rush,only this time unlike Oaxaca at this time,it was still dark.I got through the city fine but missed the turn for the international bridge over the Rio Grande,and went around and around,trying to find it again,when finally an enterprising Mexican,jumped in and guided me to the entrance and then demanded 10 dollars,(100p)I thought,a little steep but worth it at the time.

From here a short trip over the toll bridge and into 8 waiting lanes of traffic at the US customs and a foggy mild dawn in McAllen Texas.

To be continued……What a gripping saga huh?……..Only to me…..Only to me.

On an added note,I want to thank all the people with the nice comments since this little problem started at the beginning of the week.And also to welcome a couple more to my reader list.I always check for your blogs too,and find some fantastic ones out there.




  1. Sounds like your on a roll there Willy. When you finally get back to your trailer you will probably sleep for a week & a half:))

  2. I hope your trip back goes as well. I'm amazed at how you actually traveled for 24 hours. Good man!

  3. Congratulations, great drive, now good luck with the new safe and happy Les

  4. Hope you make it back as quickly and safely as you made it to Texas. Good luck with getting that axle you need!

  5. Congrats on jumping into this with the right solution - heading to the States! Based on our experience that is often the best thing to do. But I think you set a time record, for sure.