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Friday, January 8, 2010

Mayabell Campground.. Palenque Chiapas,Mexico.

Before I start,all photos today were taken hastily just as it was getting dark.It was a long day of travel and I dropped the ball not realizing I had no photos for today's blog which is usually written in the wee small hours each day.

003 I’m really in the jungle now,and as I write this at 4:45 am on a warm morning,I can hear the Howler Monkeys in the jungle with their haunting sound.

Getting here was actually my final objective, as even my tourist card lists Palenque as my final destination.Anything after this is just gravy.I wanted to see the fabulous ancient ruins here and I wanted to hear the howler monkeys in the nearby jungle.One objective has been completed.


The drive from Catemaco took 7 hours over rough roads and very good roads,even some outrageously horrible excuses for a road.It was mostly toll road travel that took me eastward across the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, through the rest of the State of Veracruz and into Tabasco and the beautiful and progressive looking city of Villahermosa,and finally into the State of Chiapas.Next is the Central American country of Guatemala,and I don't want to go any further that way.


The morning was nice and sunny as I left Catemaco and the lake and town looked beautiful in the morning sunrise,from the hillside, as I was departing the area.(no place to stop for a photo).As the day progressed, the temperature quickly rose into the 70’s and by early afternoon near this destination, topped 80 degrees.

And I didn't get lost this time,maybe there’s hope for me yet?For a change I did more homework and got all my travelling ducks in a row.


I quickly found some friends from the Catemaco campground and selected a site next to them.

This campground is a little different then most and could be called funky as its a bit of a hippy hang-out and a tent and backpacker haven.It has some rental rooms and what seems to be a fine restaurant and pool.There are people here visiting from countries all over the world,as I listen to all different languages as people walk by my site.

011  The restaurant.

So I’ve set the scene for my next few days,and am looking forward to seeing the ancient ruins a mile down the road.The weather forecast is for more rain though.But it is warmer than Catemaco,even though my weather widget on the right is not showing the correct temperature as I write this,maybe the forecast is wrong too.

012 Inside the restaurant.

A note to Gypsy from yesterdays comments,you don't need the atlas,just go to the map on my right sidebar.Its live,you can zoom and move it around to your hearts content.



  1. You are in a part of Mexico I always wished I could see. Thanks for the tip about the map.

  2. Looking very lush & green down there. Could you bring some of that back to Arizona with you when you come....

  3. Good job..try and get to the incredible ruins as early as possible to avoid the hundreds of vendors and tourists, very moving to be there with no one around...Les

  4. Good that you made it without incident. I hope the sun comes out for you. Looking forward to the next pictures and I am sure they will be a great as these ones.

  5. Very interesting places dad, loving seeing it all through you... Everything is fine at our end...rain rain and more rain in sight! Send sunny pictures again soon please.