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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

South Padre Island Birding And Nature Centre.


I thought that this was the best way to give an explanation of the importance of this particular spot for the migrating birds each spring and fall.

Below is the visitor centre front and back views,


You can see the viewing platforms on the building.Inside the building are displays,film room and gift shop.

038 039

These two views of the walkways and blinds are just a fraction of the total walking and viewing area.Of course at this time of the year things are quiet compared to migrating season and my first thought was that I probably will be lucky to see a few seagulls,but was pleasantly surprised as I wandered out along the walkways.

Hidden along the walkways were many shorebirds doing there thing.So I’m going to show you what I saw with few words and several photos.

048 055

058 061

I’m embarrassed to say that my bird books are back with the trailer in Oaxaca Mexico,and I’m not sure exactly what each proper name is,so you be the judge and make your own determination. That turtle is about dinner plate size.And yes there are gators.

064 066

068 075

I think the nice thing about this is the fact that you can get within a few feet of these birds without spooking them as they seem used to people a little bit.It was hard getting some shots because they were moving and eating all the time.

080 083

This guy wasn’t moving,just sunning himself and waiting for some unsuspecting Mr.Peepers,to come along.


  • So it was an enjoyable couple of hours of walking,looking and photo taking,with my camera mistakenly set on the portrait setting.My Sunday drive ended with a swing down to Brownsville on the border,for a look see,driving through the old historic downtown,along the new border fence and back onto the expressway for McAllen/Pharr….I staying on the border between the two.

At a later date I’ll show the other birding centre that is well known to this area,called Quinta Mazatlan,its just a 20 minute drive from the motel here and I actually went there first.Its a different environment for migrating birds.

So early this morning I’m off to attempt a 500 mile round trip up to San Antonio, to the Toyota Tundra factory.I have a noon appointment to do the factory tour and see how my truck was manufactured less than a year ago.The silver bullet is all washed up and looking good for a visit to see Mama.


  1. I love the bird pictures. I can never get them that close up.

  2. Terrific bird pics, Willy. Those walkways around the bird park look like a great place to visit - it's on our list for sure now.