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Monday, January 19, 2009

Those Lazy Days of Summer (I mean Winter)

As some of you may have noticed I didn't post yesterday,as another vegetative state creeped over me.I'm finding it hard to find new material when all I do is sit in the warm sun contemplating my navel,as the old term states.
But as the pic above shows,I did spend several hours on Saturday at the Yuma Flea market.There are several passageways like this full of walk in kiosk's like these.
It was very crowded as usual,so I picked the quietest area I could find to snap a pic as to not offend anyone.

And earlier in the week I visited 2 of the local Indian Casino's.No I didnt touch the slots,I visited the gift shops searching for some tee-shirts with a distinctive S.W.Native Indian design.I didnt find exactly what I was looking for, but close enough to make a purchase,only to find later at the flea market, a much greater selection of the type I was looking for.
By the way for those of you who know this area and didnt come down this year,there's a brand new Indian Casino,a big one,at the intersection of the Interstate and Algodones Rd.Staggering distance for all the Pilot Knob'ers.

I must show last nights beautiful sunset,as they are fantastic in this part of the world.I couldn't do justice to the pic with my point and shoot Canon on auto.
Also I found a program to resize my pics before sending them to the blog.It sure saves time and bandwidth.Its called Irfanview.

And since the Arizona Cardnal's are going to the SuperBowl this year,what is more fitting than to honour a Red Cardinal,their namesake as one of the birds that have come to visit us,as this one did.