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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Visit To "OLD TOWN" Yuma

Yesterday I decided that I would take a visit to Old Town,the old original downtown of Yuma with the historic past.Its been 10 years since last visiting this area and I got a few surprises.

I remember this 2 block stretch with huge tree's and bustling curio shops with many interesting nick knacks for the tourists wanting to part with some of their money.

But what I found was a modern revitalized street full of empty stores, and of the stores still occupied,many were closed.Very disappointing.Lutes Casino,the crazy bar with the great hamburgers and the boots sticking through the ceiling was still operating,but I didn't enter.

I don't know if this is a work in progress to vitalize the area or a failure of a revitalization.

In yesterdays blog I mentioned the lack of border patrol activity this year and wondered if the new wall had anything to do with it.So with a little pleading yesterday morning in the blustery wind,I coaxed Ron and Sue out with their telephoto lens cameras and they got several shots of the wall from about an 8 mile distance.You can see the black line snaking through the sand of the Algodones Sand dunes along the Mexican border. The wall I believe is 20 feet tall.

This is where I feature the birds that visit us,but little Lucy says,"just a minute now,you old desert rat"!I want some equal time and space here! So Lucy...Pose for the camera.

Now that Lucy has gone away happy,here is the "Curved Billed Thrasher," and I believe the same one that jumped into my lap at Gilbert Ray(Tucson)as this is where the pic was taken.
They are a drab bird but have some of the most beautiful and varied warbles,and when you get 2 of them talking to each other...its a fantastic sound.

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