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Friday, January 23, 2009

Borrego Springs California

Our departure from Pilot Knob was smooth and orderly on a muggy warm morning,72 degrees and no wind. After getting the usual dump station frustrations out of the way at the nearby Shell station,we headed west just after 9 am.

We stopped for our lunch break,(above pic) just west of Salton City on the shores of the Salton Sea.
We arrived at the Peg Leg boondocking area only to find that since my last visit here,that they have closed off my favorite area off to the side, causing everyone to bunch together near the monument.This kind of togetherness boondocking is not my cup of tea,so we backtracked a mile up the road to a short paved side road,which quickly turned to dirt, called Rockhouse Truck Trail,where we could see others scattered nicely out on the desert,so we drove past the "No Trespassing" sign and selected a nice isolated spot.Hmmmm!

And here we are all set up, with the nearest neighbor about 200 yds away.We were expecting rain today but it didn't materialize outside of a few spits,and remained warm, reaching 77 degrees(26c) with a high thin overcast.
Below is a view looking west as the rain clouds try to move on to the desert before drying out.San Diego is on the other side of those mountains,about 50 miles as the crow flys.

Here(below) is me setting up our line of communication for our new digs.Isn't it strange how that darn camera of mine always shows everybody to look rather chunky!Must be some kind of a wide angled lens thing.
Behind me and over those mountains about 40 miles away,is Palm Springs.I could see the glow in the sky last night,reflecting off the thin cloud layer,as it was a dark moonless night for a change.
For those with the link to the datastorm users map,you can see our location on google maps or google earth by clicking the tab in the top right of the page.I'm #9318

And not to forget the perspective on this spot from Lucy.She says,"I don't know if I want to get out of here because it just looks like the last place."Where's all the lights and glitter?

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