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Sunday, January 25, 2009

My First Foray To Town

After a windy overnight as mentioned yesterday,the day dawned with a clear sky and warm temperatures,and the wind got down to a light breeze.
Ron and Sue had already left right after breakfast for a birding trip across the valley,so after doing my little exercise routine,gathered my water jugs and set off for the 6 miles down into the valley and the sleepy desert town of Borrego Springs.
When boondocking new area's,you need to know the basics,like where to get water...where to get rid of your garbage...where to dump your holding tanks when the time comes....Well,things have changed in the last 6 years since I was last here,so with the help of a fellow blogger via e-mail,got my updates on the area,thanks again Al. of "The Bayfield Bunch".

So I set off to town,first stop,the True Value hardware,as I needed a 7/8th wrench for my propane tank fitting for the barbecue and the "Extend-a- Stay" for the "Buddy" heater,as I'm sick and tired of that big crescent wrench.I had looked all over Yuma for just one wrench and not a whole set,and couldn't find JUST a 7/8th,even the flea market,but this hardware store unlike the True Value in Yuma,DID have one,so I came away happy.
Next stop,next door at the gas station,where after a little searching found the water and dump just like Al told me.I filled my water jugs.Next stop,find the garbage bin,and it was also exactly where I was told.So....time for a few pic's at the entrance to the town.

You see,you get the same picture twice,as I cant figure how to remove it and I have no patience to figure it out this early in the morning.
It is a shot of the large "Roundabout" at the entrance to town,called "Christmas Circle."
The top pic was taken from the background of this shot.

And one of the first establishments,is the local watering hole,called "Carlee's."Note the row of bikes that just arrived this a.m. probably came over the hill from San Diego,and need to wash the bugs off their teeth.Actually,come to think of it,there hasn't been too many bugs down here as my windshield will attest to.

I really wanted to find those strange creatures out in the desert,that I had read about,so set off in another direction from the circle,and quickly found them just north of town.
There are many spread over a mile or so.
I will cover more on these metal sculptures in future posts.

And for the daughter who e-mailed me,to watch out for alien's on the desert....the pic below is for you.

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  1. from the daughter that emailed you about UFO's...Loved the pic LOL thanks dad
    (you beggin not to be eaten??)
    Lynn :)