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Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Different Point Of View

On Tuesday afternoon I talked Ron into a little hike up on to the knob,just to that first ridge on the right centre of the above pic.There is a narrow path of loose rocks leading to the top. It was a nice warm sunny afternoon with a bit of a stiff breeze,sort of perfect for such an outing.
We needed a few rest breaks as it wasn't easy and the wind was trying to blow us off the narrow path.Lucy,Ron's dog didn't need any rest as she climbed up and back about 3 times while we struggled doing it once.
Here's the old dog,Willy,taking a break with his tongue hanging out

Here's Ron and Lucy saying,"Are you coming or not"?

I make it and Lucy asks "What took you so long?"....Actually it didn't happen that way,I just wanted to stage it with pics.You be the judge.
(Note, some of the pics in these blogs can be zoomed if you click on them)

Here's a zoomed shot of Felicity from yesterdays post,taken from the top.

A zoomed shot of our rigs below.

A normal shot from the same spot.We are the last 2 dots on the left.You can also see the r.v. park and Felicity on the right.

Looking south from the same spot,we are looking down on Algodones Mexico's western outskirts.You can see the border fence,(that dark line).It is different from the steel wall out on the desert.
Here's a closeup in the pic below.

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