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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Visit To "The Center Of The World"

Across the Interstate from our present location here on the LTVA,is a small attraction that many visitors to the area miss.For inside this pyramid stands a plaque which is the official point of the centre of the earth,recognized by the "Institute Geographique National of France."
This Town known as "Felicity California" was built by Jacques-Andre Istel and his wife after buying up most of the land between the interstate and the Chocolate Mountains in the distance.The town has a population of 2 and Jacques is the mayor.

He built the church on the hill after first creating a hill, by having many truckloads of soil brought in.
The church is modeled after the one on Mont St Michel in Brittany France.

As an added attraction,here is a piece of the original metal spiral staircase salvaged from the Eiffel tower.

A sculpture of God's arm from Michaelangelo's "Dawn of Creation" painting on the Sistine Chapel,acts as a sundial.
A google search for this place will bring up many more interesting facts about Felicity and its history.And by the way,a visit costs nothing but time.


  1. Wow that stuff is really cool papa! thanks for sharing that
    great pictures looks beautiful there
    we are about to have our first sunny day in a long time

  2. Morning Bill, Been quite a few years since we've been there. Next time we're in the area a good walk around is in order. Fanda

  3. I liked that!!! Find more :D Always wanted to see a layout like that for the Miyan temple. It's great to see things you never heard of or seen before...thanks for sharin :)