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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Farmers Market Friday...Among Other Things.

Despite my complaints about the constant blasts of wind...We have had a couple of real nice days.The 10 day forecast has blessed us if it holds up,as we are expecting mid 70's and a few 80's with overnight lows in the 50's.Sort of hard to take EH!
So with that,a nice visit to the Friday morning market in Xmas Circle was the first order of the day.
I was so intent on getting my picture taken,that I think I got ripped off...I got about 6 large red potatoes,1 onion,and a dozen large free range eggs all for $12.I need to be a little more assertive and question things like this.I'm so used to the Markets in Mexico in past years where that would have cost about $4.00.What say you?

The next order of business was to find a Barber Shop.And being a small town,one was found in short order.I figured that in a sleepy town like this that a possibly one and only barber shop would not be too busy.As I walked in I found no one waiting and one in the chair,so I sat down,only to be informed that haircuts are by appointment only.Hmmm,I forgot that this sleepy little town is full of well hidden away and dispersed R.V. parks full of old farts like me needing haircuts.
To make a long story short,the barber said that he can fit me in.So in the pic above,I'm showing off my haircut.....Actually I was trying to get the next pic below,but had the timer set for 3 seconds instead of 10 and only got this far.

This is the shot I was trying to get as I stand on the roof of the Visitor Center of the Anza-Borrego State Park.That's the trouble with touring around by one to take my pic...maybe that's a good thing huh?
I will do more on this visitor area in another blog entry, as I want to show the humming bird in a nest that is inside a roped off area of the parking lot.

I finished off my morning with a look at some more of the "Metal Art" that dots the desert landscape.This time on the south side of town.
From a distance when driving down the road,these object look very impressive out on the desert.Almost real looking,as they are life sized.

As mentioned before,these are creatures that lived on this area many moons ago,like this Saber toothed tiger.

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