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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Westward Ho! Again.

I'm King of the world and its time to go! Its travel day.

Here it is 2:30 a.m. 61 degrees,windows wide open and I've already had my 6 hours of sleep.One of these days maybe i can stop living in the Newfoundland time zone,but that's the way I am when I travel down here.I guess my problem is having a t.v.poised above my bed at an angle that allows comfortable viewing from a horizontal position,which in turn has me usually looking at the inside of my eyelids in short order,and then ending up with a good nights sleep by just after midnight.Of course the old dog gets a nappy time during the heat of the afternoon on most days anyway.
So with a final look at the Colorado river taken from Gateway Park in Yuma,and looking across to the California side,we bid farewell to this part of Arid-Zona for another year.Even though most of my time over the past 12 years of snowbirding has been in Mexico,Yuma is always that 2nd home to come back to.

The last 2 weeks here at Pilot Knob California have been relaxing,with great weather, outside of a few gusty days when the Algo-Dunes wanted to come for a visit and deposit a fine layer of gold colored dust all over everything.
Of note in the pic above is a shot taken by Sue of the moonrise over friend's Bill and Wendy's rig just a few days before their departure.

So today we travel westward toward Borrego Springs California with the threat of thunderstorms in the forecast.Los Angeles has had rain all night with some flooding,so whatever gets over the mountains and on to the desert will await us.If anything,removing a little dust will be worth it.
So my next entry should be from our new desert digs near Peg Leg Smith's Monument,a popular boondocking spot above the small town of Borrego Springs.

I want to include this photo taken yesterday of Vancouver's skyline that was sent to me.
It was taken from Cypress Mountain.Sort of cool huh?

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  1. cool pictures papa drive safely!
    in that picture of vancouver that you posted.
    kyles dad works in the building to the left thats pointy kinda looks like the space needle but its the harbour center.