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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Westward Ho!

Again today is a travel day.We haven't really moved that much in the last 6 weeks with 2- 150 mile runs,a 60 mile and a 20 mile.So the cost of fuel has been low on the budget list.Sometimes lower than beer.Today will be another in the 150 mile range.
Yesterday was a pleasant day that struggled up to 70 degrees,so I sat out and enjoyed the warm sun.Wandered around and snapped a few pic's of the park to show for those readers(mostly the family) that have not enjoyed this kind of scenery.
Remember a few posts back I talked about how I enjoy sitting quietly beside the trailer watching the birds come up close,they not realizing that the thing sitting in the chair can move.Well yesterday a little Rock Wren came hopping over my feet and jumped up into the tailpipe of my van and disappeared.He was in there for about 5-6 seconds,then hopped out leaving little sooty prints on the pink pavement,then sizing up the open side door of the van for another exploratory visit.That's when I moved...Enough is enough.One other year here,his cousin the Cactus wren got inside and made a pest of himself,and again one other time a few years back,several quail visited the driving compartment through the open drivers side window when I wasn't aware, and that was a big clean up job.But I still enjoy the little guys.

Here are a few shots taken around the campground yesterday. One of the Washrooms.

A typical R.V. pad

The roadway

An Organ pipe Cactus.

Ron (The Waterboy) Bodner stocking up

Sue,never without the camera in hand as she searches out that perfect bird shot.

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  1. wow sure looks nice there trade ya... we are floating away here rain rain rain rain yuck!
    morris valley rd is closed this morning not sure if it was a slide or flooding .
    there was a mudslide up cultas lake and on vedder mt rd. and cwk mt. rd was also closed due to a mud slide theres lots of flooding on fair field island. its bad.