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Friday, January 9, 2009

Sunset at Pilot Knob LTVA

Pilot Knob LTVA California is an old favorite because this is where I first learned all about boon docking,desert southwest style 10 years ago,and I always make a point of stopping for a while every year.Compared to the other spots its sort of barren and dusty with pink soil that can be a problem when the wind blows.This is where General Patten trained his troops back in WW2.
I guess the big draw to this spot is its close proximity to Yuma Arizona,just 6 miles down the freeway.There are many nicer dry camping spots in this area,but this is my spot with many great memory's and I'll keep it,thank you.
Going back to our trip yesterday,the first stop is at the Love's Travel Center in Gila Bend Az.The wife and I have made this stop every year that we have passed this way,and 4 years ago we introduced it to Ron and Sue,now they insist on the stop...WHY?....Because of the Taco Bell and the great "chalupa combo."2 chalupa's,beef supreme and a taco for an appetiser,plus a large drink,all for $5.67.They dont taste any better at any other T.B. but this is a must,even if its not meal time.

Now that the chalupa's have settled, we take a break in one of the interstate rest areas located an hour before Yuma.A nice 70 degree day

Ron and Sue's pride and Joy,Lucy,takes a break too.I wish I could tap some of this dogs energy.

As the sun casts its final shadows on the Knob,we are settled in.Note the trailer in the distance,far right.After setting up, a familiar truck rolls up to it and we find its our neighbors from our park back home,Bill and Wendy.Small world aye!


  1. lol you and your taco bell papa ur to funny!
    thats cool u met up with somemore ppl from home!

  2. Hi Bill, Say hello to the gang from Alison & Me. I see you're parked closer to the south fence than we used to go. Am I correct in saying that you're close to the south-west corner? Looks nice even though it's desert. Sat. still raining which means a ton of snow has gone. Nice to see this blog going and are you using Mrs. Garmin much? I have had Skype on quite a bit but I haven't seen your icon in the green zone. I'll send you an email as to that item I would like from Harbor Freight and hopefully you can pick it up for me. Be well and have a cold one for me..........Frank