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Friday, January 2, 2009

Going back in time

As this is a learning process for me who is also one of the worlds worst spellers,and grammar aint good either,I will carry on my experiment of blogging by going back to the start of our trip with a little history.

This is a 4 month trip south which started on Oct. 31 and is my second year travelling without my dear wife Marlene who is enjoying the nursing home lifestyle as best as she can,I hope.Most of the past 10 years of travelling south,we travelled to Mexico with short stays in Arizona and California,but this year I wanted to just relax on the desert,boondocking and taking a chance on the sometimes violent weather patterns that grace the desert southwest.Some years we travelled with good friends and other years alone.This year I hooked up with Ron and Sue and their little Jack Russel,Lucy.

We have travelled together in other years in Canada and one year into Mexico,so are compatible travellers(so far).

Back to the start of the trip.I met Ron and Sue after the border crossing in Sumas Wash.and we spent the first day in the pouring rain travelling to the Camping World at Burlington,then lunch at Popeye's and a short run to Marysville to Wal-mart then an overnite at the Tulalip Casino.

The next day,Nov. 1st dawned drier as we travelled over the hump toward Ellensburg and Yakima and finally stopping at the Wildhorse Casino near Pendleton Oregon.

That nite we arranged a starting time for the morning before retiring,but it was the nite of the daylight savings/standard changeover and Ron and Sue changed their time but I didn't,so next morning there I am warming up the van getting ready to leave and Ron and Sue are looking out their bedroom window wondering what all the noise was as they were still in bed.We agreed to meet at the next overnight stop which was Cactus Pete's casino in Jackpot Nevada,and they did,arriving about half and hour after me,so we set up our star-choice dish and retired inside as the sun was setting and going down into the teens.

The next day was an easy run in sunny weather down through Nevada until our late afternoon stop at the Chevron station at Alamo.This was a good overnight spot except we wished that all the travellers before us would have the decency to pick up after their dogs as the place was awash in dog feces.
The next morning was a short drive down to Valley of Fire State Park just east of Las Vegas and west of Lake Mead.I havent figured out yet how to get the pictures into the text as they seem to want to go up to the top of the page,so for now the top pic is the campsite at Valley of Fire and the other is the overnite at Alamo Nev.
End of part 1 (Going back in time)

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