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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Going back in time part 5--- Dec 2nd to present

Hanging out with the big boys at Texas Canyon Rest Area east of Benson Az

Really pretty country between Sierra Vista and Nogales on Highway 82.

Patagonia Lake-- Patagonia State Park near Nogales Az

You name it...You can have it. Voila! A barrel cactus with a head just like Wandering Willy.

This was an almost deserted campground at Patagonia Lake although the electric area was more popular.This was the dry camping area.Best showers though.

A small inner bay for boat launching.

Another view of the lake.

At Gilbert Ray campground west of Tucson.An old favorite,where the birds come up to me for a visit

Dec 2...On the road again and travelling alone as I'm heading to Patagonia State Park. Ron and Sue wanted to spend a few days in the Sierra Vista area so they will join me at Patagonia in a few days.It was an easy run down through Benson on I-10 then south toward Huachuca City on 90,then west toward Nogales on 82 arriving at Patagonia Lake just after noon.
The park was almost deserted,so I had many choices of campsite selection,choosing to search the cheaper non electric sites,$15. per night as apposed to $22. for the electric sites.

They were all a bit on the scruffy side showing the heavy use of the past season.Most sites had shade trees and the one's that didn't had nice Ramada's.I chose a site with a Ramada as they seemed cleaner.
I set up in good time then proceeded to set up my 2 satellite dishes after a quick lunch.The T.V. dish was up and running quickly but when I tried to log on with the internet set up,I did something different and created a problem and was unable to log on.
Many hours of frustration followed until darkness set in and I gave up.Next morning after breakfast I headed to Nogales,15 miles away and found the library(thanks to my garmin gps)and sent a desperate e-mail to my support person Barb in Yuma and returned to camp.
The next morning I was at the library door before it was even open,so took a walk through some of downtown Nogales enjoying the early morning hustle and bustle of the shopping plaza.It took me back to mornings in many of the Mexican cities that I have visited,as this city is just as Mexican as those, even if it is in Arizona.I never heard a word of English coming from any one's mouth.
Back to the library and quickly received my e-mail answer and headed back to camp to try all the suggestions,having success with the last one I tried.Oh! It was much joy in Mudville for this internet junkie to be back on line.
Dec 5Th...Ron and Sue showed up in the morning after travelling from their last stop at Karchner Caverns and set up next to me in a nice site with a large shade tree for Sue's bird feeders.
It didn't take them long to set up and disappear down the road with binoc's and camera's a dangling,searching out the bird population.They wanted to find the Elegant Trogon that has been seen around here lately.
It was an enjoyable and relaxing 12 days here for me with a mixed bag of cool and warm days.It stayed quiet with very few campers coming and going, mixed with a few day tripping fishermen.Even the weekends were quiet with very few visitors.
Dec 14..As a cold rain threatened this Sunday morning we headed north up the I-19 toward Tucson,getting colder and wetter as we went until around noon at Tucson it was pouring rain with a temperature high of 47 f.We headed for the Snyder Hill boon docking spot,but found it a bit crowded with no good spots to park.Ron followed me through a dip and damaged his rear panel on his motor home.So standing in the cold rain looking at the damage made this place lose its appeal fast,so off we went to Gilbert Ray campground just up the road.
We found the campground almost empty($20. with elect.)and settled in to the same spot that Marlene and I had 4 years ago where the roadrunner made a daily visit for food handouts.
This has always been a good spot for birds in past years as you don't have to search them out,just let them come to you.I was lucky to have a dripping water tap near where I sit in my recliner and was able to see many birds up close.Case in point on the 2ND day I was sitting quietly when a Curved Billed Thrasher landed in front of me on the park table,so I quietly talked to it as he cocked his head side to side looking at me and the next thing I knew he flew down and landed on my chair between my legs taking me by surprise but quickly flying off after I jumped in shock.
And to cap things off a little later a male Pyrrhuloxia landed 2 feet away from me.Ya I know,the camera was in the van,no proof.
We stayed at Gilbert Ray for 5 days in very cool weather as the temps were slow to recover after the cold front went through on Sunday.

Dec. 19..We set off for Why Az. to the 14 day boondocking area to hunker down over the Xmas New Years time period and this is where we are at present...

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